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  1. any solutions to this yet? is vw going to address this?
  2. Katie: I too am aware of the mode keys and am quite sure there is no accidental pressing of the u key. I pretty much use the x, c, v and space bar shortcuts on a regular basis, which are on the other side of the keyboard. after reading the other comments, i am convinced that this is not a user error, but an application glitch. i appreciate all of the new features in v12, but this is becoming quite frustrating.
  3. thanks for the links. i've looked at the scaling issue thread and tried the suggestions, but no help. i even reinstalled vw today and am still experiencing the same problem. as far as i can tell, it seems totally random, and happens serveral times a day. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. i recently installed vw 12 and the 12.01 update and have been using it for a few days now. the biggest nuisance to me is this: for some reason "enable interactive scaling" becomes deselected from time to time without my knowing. i have to manually select the pointer tool and enable the setting several times a day. is this a glitch or is there a setting or shortcut that i am pressing? also, where do i find import/export sketchup files? it is not listed anywhere under the file menu.
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