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  1. on that point, i remember reading on the cinema 4d site that the latest version of c4d would be able to import vectorworks 3d drawings directly. So maybe an export from vectorworks is not necessary if you have the latest c4d (which i dont, so i am not sure).....?
  2. When i export drawings from VW that include filled Polylines they become transparent in the EPS. I then go back and change them to Polygons but that splitts the object in 2 and leaves a line where they join. I know I can make the line invisible but is there another way to export filled Polylines to eps successfully.....? Richie
  3. I have both microstation and vectorworks in my office and have a lot of problems importing dwgs into vectorworks from microstation. We generally loose line weights, styles and colours when importing. The other problem is that if you have any hatching in the microstation file, when imported into VW it gets broken into individual lines. This is a big problem in our office as we used to use the concrete hatch a lot in MS and when this comes into VW its completely messed up. Anyway if you have the option of bringing it into Autocad then you should do it. Microstation is the problem here as on Macs it only exports to version 14, and it dose it badly....!
  4. Hi all Just a little bit of news for all you VW and Cinema 4D users. I got a flyer from a software reseller and read that Cinema 4D R8 will eventually (and finally) have the ability to import VW 3D files natively. Rich
  5. Hi I had a very similar problem in my office when we where using 8.5.2. I never figured out whether it was a problem with our video card drivers or whether it was VW. When we upgraded to VW 9.5 the problem disappeared. Maybe that would solve it for you......! Rich
  6. Hi I had a very similar problem in my office when we where using 8.5.2. I never figured out whether it was a problem with our video card drivers or whether it was VW. When we upgraded to VW 9.5 the problem disappeared. Maybe that would solve it for you......! Rich
  7. Sorry I may have been misunterstood. In Microstation (and Acad I think) there was a function that allowed one to rotate your worksheet to a numerical degree or to an items angle. This ment that if a wing of a building for example, was at 5 degrees off horizontal, that when the function was applied the 5 degree wing would now be rotated on screen (but not actually rotated) to be horizontal with your viewport. In Microstation I drew with lines and it was useful but if it appeared in Vectorworks where one uses shapes more often it would be extremely useful. Maybe this is for another thread (as it was before) but i feel that it is a part of Vectorworks, (along with multiple vieports), that complicates new users and so could be useful as an update.
  8. A couple of things that i havent seen in the whats new section.... Can you rotate a 2D view so that it is parallel to an object? Can you apply tracking/intercharacter spacing to text? These points along with the exporting to Cinmea 4D option will be vital to many people before upgrading.
  9. This is a problem I have when usiing the Move Polygon Handles option in the 2D Reshape Tool. When you try and modify the selected object(s) but cant make a drag selection because the objects surrounding the selected objects have a fill. Is there a way around this apart from grouping it and entering the group.....?
  10. I am really just fishing for information here but do you guys generally do 3D modelling in Vectorworks and then import into your rendering packages for materials etc.Or do you just do the 2D drawing in Vectorworks and then import into the rendering packages and do all the extruding etc here. I know I do it the first way but am not sure if it the most efficient. I would assume that it is, as drawing in Cinema 4D in my case seems to be a little cumbersum...! Is this the case...?
  11. Maybe there is an obvious answer to this question but i cant find it... - can you import classes from another drawing...? I have found a way to import classes if there is something on them in the source file using workgroup references but if the class is empty they dont appear. Can it be done?
  12. I had to convert a lot of drawings from Microstation to Vectorworks and found that a dwg export from Microstation was far more reliable than dxf. See how you get on with both i suppose.
  13. Try increasing the memory partition to both vectorworks and your print monitor software. That worked for me with a similar problem on a HP 1055CM.
  14. When viwing a 3D model in an isometric view and with Open GL rendering enabled I experience problems while rotating or panning the view. I get 'Graphic hops' in my view leaving me unable to see my model without changing to a different view. I can send a screen capture if needs be. Is this a known problem in 9.5.1....? Should I upgrade to 9.5.2 or does that only sort out the bugs with the new OS 10.1.something. G4 800, 768ram, radeon 8500 etc....
  15. The ability to rotate a 2D view to align with a given angle or to an object would be winner.....!
  16. Thanks guys. They are all good ideas and will improve the way i work but still not as good as simply being able to rotate the view without affect the way our 2d tools work. The best way that i have found so far is to make a symbol out of all of the rotated objects (before they are rotated) and then work within the symbol which remains unrotated. It can get a little messy. I used work in both Autocad and Microstation and took this feature for granted. I will add it to the wish list and hope our thoughts will be listened to and granted in the next version.....!
  17. Is it possible to rotate your view to align to a specific angle in 2D (Vectoworks 9.5.1). If there isnt a way I will add to the wish list....!
  18. This would be really nice. I know you can use dxf's but being able to import layers etc would be cool.
  19. I worked with Microstation for 5 years and never lost any work whatsoever due to its immediate save function. As soon as you make a change to your document it immediately saves it meaning you dont have to worry about crashes and losing work. I have been working with Vectorworks for a few years now and have lost hours upon hours of work. There is nothing more annoying than having to draw the same thing twice or even three times in some cases. I know have my save reminder set to 5 minutes which in itself is annoying. Please Nemetschek sort this out......
  20. I just installed V 9.5.1 after moving from 8.5.2 and notice that upon opening existing files it now duplicates and renames the files with V9 after the file name. Is there any way of stopping this from happening or do I have to go through all my drawings - open them and then delete the old versions....?
  21. The issue of exporting to cinema 4d from vectorowks has been around now since 2000. I have read threads back to then but there still isn't a solution. Is there any indication of a plug in export option in the near future as the dxf export thing is very dodge...?
  22. hi can you rotate a 2d view to work orthogonally to a plane at for example 3 degrees in 8.5.2.. when working on some projects there may be an entire block of a building rotated at an angle. I know that you can set an angle in your snaps but is there another way. I used to use Microstation and was able to rotate a view by clicking on a rotated element and i think that you can do it in autocad also. if you cant do it in 8.5.2 can you do it in 9 or 9.5.
  23. Yeah this would be really useful. I worked in Microstation on Mac for 5 years and although it had problems this was an option that was really good. Especially when working on large drawings.
  24. To be able to stretch/widen the spaces between each character in a selection of text. just like in Quark. In other packages it is called inter character spacing
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