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  1. Thanks for your response! This apparently is for network dongle issues. I'm actually trying simply to run it as a different user on the same machine to which the dongle is connected. I should certainly hope the dongle driver doesn't require a network license server to be running even just to run it on the local machine! One thing I did find, however, is that the key appears to bind to the first person who is logged in while the key is connected. So if I restart the machine and my girlfriend logs in first (or I just leave the key unplugged until such time as she is logged in) then it binds to her account, and she can use it. Guess who can't use it then? That's right; me. Which is fine, since I don't need to. But this whole situation is a bit ridiculous; the driver should be smart enough to unbind the keys when you unplug the dongle... If any Nemetschek representatives are paying attention, you may want to pass that bit of information along to Aladdin. I would contact them myself, but I didn't buy anything from Aladdin; I bought something from Nemetschek... Thanks again! Sam
  2. Hi, My girlfriend recently purchased VectorWorks 12, and I installed it on one of our machines (Windows XP Pro SP2). I installed it as an administrator, and it works fine when run from that administrator account, but when I try to run it from my girlfriend's account, the dongle is not found and the application closes. I've run the DongleIDWin app from her account to see if the dongle appears, and indeed it does not. I've also updated the aladdin HASP drivers to the latest available (using both the graphical and the command line installers), and the dongle can still not be found from her account. There has been much discussion of this problem on these forums, but none of the solutions yet discussed are working for me. Is there something else I might try? Also, I apologize for starting a new thread with this, but the most applicable previous thread regarded version 10.5, and I thought it possible that version 12 brought with it its own problems which may be independent of the problems in version 10.5. Thanks, Sam


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