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  1. Thank you Pat! There looks to be endless possibilities with vectorscript. I've got some learning to do.
  2. Can someone please post a simple script that creates and extrudes a basic rectangle? I think that'd be a good place for me to begin to understand the structuring aspect of scripting. Also Is there a dictionary-type layout of all of the commands somewhere out there? Thanks.
  3. I have had one instance with the total loss of a file. I was creating many, many symbols and building a library. Names costs etc. saving every 3-5 minutes. At one point, the program began giving me strange error messages like 'duplicate symbol name; please choose another name' type of error, so I quit vw then re-opened and found that the file was totally gone. Corrupted and not recognized by vw, I went to file info and it had 0k for file size.. I was'nt happy. I believe that something in the mass symbol creation and quick, repetitive saving overloaded vectorworks's brain. But that's just what I believe. Hope this helps in some strange way.
  4. Does it exist? I have looked but have yet been able to find how to complete this task.
  5. The loft surface tool is how I did it, I was just curious If there was a technique out there that made fabric easy to create, such as drapes, shirts, etc. Thanks All
  6. I tried the drape surface, but got a square in the end result, not a round. I do not know much about the drape surface command.
  7. Hi All, I am curious as to the most realistic looking way to draw fabric, lets say a sheet thrown over an end table. I recently had to draw an 8' diameter table top with a table throw over it. It looked alright, but not realistic enough for me. Thanks.
  8. I've had an issue where I was building a symbol library and after 40 to 50 symbols, and saving every 3-5 minutes, the file saved at 0k. and all was lost. I was pissed. save.....good, save.....good, save......good, save......not good..... don't know if that helps, but thought it was relevant.
  9. Are you importing from a local, or network drive?
  10. My question about the bug reports is when someone reports one, do they just hold their breath for months and hope for an update with it fixed? I am not sure how that works. At least with posting the issue you get multiple responses on the bug at hand, and possibly an easy solution. Just the 'submit the report and don't expect a response' does not sit well with me. At least with posting an issue, you get feedback. Either good or bad it is feedback.
  11. All apologies for my insensitivity. My point still stands.
  12. should a rounded rectangle with a radius of zero NOT be considerd a rectangle???? If I was creating a program, would I not try to eliminate ALL immediate shutdown's of the program I was trying to sell??? Are you an employee of VW or are you Adolf Hitler???? You seem to not see the common problem in the fact that VW disappears ,,,,Like you>>>>.....
  13. FredM

    Threaded Bolt

    It was done by a sweep. Looked a little deeper into the file.
  14. FredM

    Threaded Bolt

    Thanks Islandmon. But How is it made? I edited the bolt you gave and it broke down into a small polygon. I would like to know if sweep; section solids; intersect solids etc. would work.
  15. What are some way's of making a threaded bolt?
  16. I would like to see video tutorials on using worksheets and record formats...
  17. FredM

    date stamp

    In FUNdamentals, Edit your workspace. Go to tools; dims/notes. That's where I found it.
  18. Does anyone know of a good resource for information on using worksheets and record formats? I am trying to pull the x and y dimensions of a symbol into a record format/worksheet.
  19. Thanks All. The name's Fred. Never heard of anyone called 'not Fred' either I think I am going to post in the wishlist section. One way I've thought of that might work,without an extra program, is make the OIP mouse sensitive. When you move the mouse cursor over any part of the OIP it is activated and ready for insert. Then you can type your info in and when you move the mouse away it is de-selected. Possibly an OIP preferences check box or something like that.
  20. Alright. let's say that I enter a symbol and it appears in the drawing at z=0. I want to move it to z=48 so I do; now I hit the x key to get the 2d selection tool (or any other tool for that matter) and I am still in the OIP. I have to hit escape to get out. I know it's small, but when you are in a hurry, grrrrrrr. Are there any suggestions out there?
  21. FredM

    3D rails

    Would'nt it be nice if 'creation failed due to invalid path or profile objects' fail message continued with 'try loft with one rail'. I created in plan view a u shaped 2d poly, converted to nurbs; moved vertices to desired elevation; changed to front view; drew 2d rectangle and a circle; tried rectangle...fail. tried circle success. go figure.
  22. I don't do many mouldings, but when I do, here's how I do it. Create moulding profile in 2d extrude along path create 2d desired angle extrude and subtract solids. Then mirror and duplicate along the newly formed angle. It is not the best way, but it works for me.


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