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  1. Couple thoughts on this - for what they are worth: Would undo levels have anything to do with this? Also it sounds like interaction of light sources on the objects is imperitive gauging from the descriptions above. However, if this is not the case, one big breakthrough that occurred to me awhile back is that you have a virtual movie studio with your computer complete with motion control. This enables you to perform several "less complicated" passes that can be composited later in Quicktime Pro. However, such a solution is not ideal as of yet (at least with Renderworks 9) as no alpha channel can be made requiring the user to use color mattes - which gets tricky. (thumbs up for alpha channels in future versions!) Granted, only a possible workaround in the least, but thought I'd throw that out. Continued luck in solving it!
  2. 9.5.1 running on Mac OS 9.2.2
  3. This link shows a noise problem I'm having with the transparency on a textured, lofted NURB. Anybody know what 's causing this? (how does one post images into the post here?) [ 05-03-2003, 05:53 PM: Message edited by: ChadLeeper ]
  4. Anyone know the ins and outs of the Pine Flooring (or Birch, Maple or any other flooring) texture parameters (Plank length, width, strips, etc.)? Can't make consistent insights with experimentation. All the parameters seem to be connected to each other in some quantum physic deally... I'm basically trying to make a 8' x 6" repeating pattern for some decking. Any thoughts are thanked!
  5. BUG? How about disaster?! Thank god for the workaround post to scale the texture to 1 on this. It does work. YEEEEESH......
  6. In the linked layer, select the linked group (layer) you wish to unlink. It will be locked. Unlock it. Delete it. Add additional links by using the "Create Layer Link..." menu item.
  7. Agreed. Thumbs down. (and folks, don't fix it by rounding up in the algorithm of Vectorworks 9.0!) Is the 32-bit a restriction? Are you guys struggling with OS and hardware technology? ThemoreIknowthemoreI'llsupport
  8. I've worked to create a symbols master which every drawing I do is workgroup referenced to in hopes of enabling the efficiency of 1 change to the master is updated in all referenced drawings when I come back to them. I want the records of the masters to travel with any referenced updating. In attempting to override the basic (and sometimes usable to be sure) functionality of each placed symbols' records' instance being unique, I've nested a symbol to which the record is attached within the "non-record-attached" referenced symbol. After updating any workgroup references, any reports I've generated (with the "search in symbols" option selected upon creation) do indeed reflect any changes I've made in the remote, referenced master. Now I want to get any worksheet's output to be more specific to a certain record's field value and can't find any criteria in the Create Reports dialogue to restrict it so. Is there a Vectorscript command I can utilize to enable a search in symbols for a specific record's field value? I've noticed "INSYMBOL" in the "Create Report..." generated worksheet database row criteria cell value, but can't seem to get it to work when setting the database row criteria manually. Examples would be great. thankee, andwhiletheusconstitutionisbeingchallengedshe'sstillabeaut
  9. Couldn't agree more with the issue of differing scales hampering the "precision". Vectorworks' power over AutoCAD has always been the implied ease of use exampled by quickly setting your scale for each layer. When this turns into a trade off of precision the glory fades quite a bit methinks. Many times I've snapped objects into their secure place next to each other from a distance only to find when cross-checked numbers aren't matching up, that when I zoom in, the points are not where the smartcursor told me they were. Would a appreciate an extreme example from the creators showing the limitation of Vectorworks' precision. (don't worry...not going to stop buying the program or reccommending it) Glad there's an awareness there, and also hope there's an awareness of the incredible limitition of not be able to end the label of symbols with the foot ' mark if one also wishes to harness the power of Vectorscript.
  10. All of the above are correct. Monitor mirroring or desktop extension is a function of the operating system. Vectorworks has nothing (little) to do with the capability. If you're unable to use Vectorworks with multiple monitors its an OS issue. As a Mac user, you should have little problem installing a second graphics card and getting the second monitor up and running as a mirror or a desktop extension for your pallettes.
  11. My old 8600 is on Mac OS 9 (not 9.0.4)
  12. No. Not yet. Doing my renderings now on my old 8600. Troubleshooted a bit by reinstalling the old OpenGL (1.1.2 as opposed to 1.1.4) in hopes to get at older Quickdraw extensions, but to no avail. When it's working (movement), it screams...quite impressive. An export of a Quicktime rendered nothing. I had a similar problem with an old ixMicro graphics card (only in MiniCAD). Sounds like it might be a graphics card driver issue. Going to check ATI's website again....but if this is only happenning in Vectorworks methinks its a bit of both.
  13. I've had the same problem. Once rendered in QD3D the model no longer appears. But, when interactive rotation/walkthrough etc. is done after the rendering, the model shows up and retains its rendered polygons in QD3D. Only when I stop does the model disappear...that is: When rendered with QD3D and it's still it does NOT show up ...when it moves (or I move around it) it shows up. Indigo iMac with 100 Mb RAM allocated. (450 mhz G3 processor, ATI Rage 128)


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