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  1. It would not really do any good to store them in one file.. they all are A1 sheets which are exactly in the same position to 0. so I can very easily copy and paste things from floor to floor. Second thing is that it would be terribly slow if I had all the drawings in one file...believe me it's not good to go that way. When I was using Autocad I could have opened as many Autocad aplications as I needed (usually I had opened 2of them) and in each of that aplication I could have opened as many drawings as I needed). So I am seeking to reach at least one of these goals in VW to be a happy man. The thing is I am shutting down my pc about once per week..so it's very convenient to have opened all the drawings and quickly move amongst them just using Alt+Tab and Ctrl+Tab ..
  2. Islandmon, I was working in autocad before..where unlimited number of opened drawings is possible. And if I have a big project, I really need to edit about 15drawings..different floors, different revisions, references,etc. And it really annoys me because it's only matter of some system variable. There cannot be any physical barrier why to open only eight drawings. As long as you have enough RAM you are fine. There are quite a few things I really miss in Vectorworks (compared to Acad)however I somehow got used to be without them, but this issue with maximum of opened drawings is really pain in the arse for me. ;(
  3. Hi everyone, I am suffering dreadful problem of being able to have opened just 8drawings at one time. I am working on project which requires editing about 20 drawings and it's really annoying to open and close the drawings all day long. For some reason I am not able to open second Vectorworks and I am not able to find where I can change the maximum number of opened drawings...if possible. I'd be very grateful if you could help me. thanks Frank
  4. I too have the same problem, but I will add a few notes to this, I am running the program in OS X, and the problem only happens when I try to print pre-OS X files, not files that have been done now in OS X, and my printer is the Epson 1280
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