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  1. Hello,

    I have been importing dwg's to create construction documents from.

    When I drew my model, with the layers set up corectly, the model shows up 193'+ above 0(where Flr 1 should be).

    Any idea why this is happening, and any ideas about fixing would be greatly apriciated.



  2. Thanks. The pads sound like a good idea. Is there a way to choose the slope direction?

    I did try using the slope, but couldn't figure out how to control which way the slope descended...

    Does VW try to sneak between the almost touching pads?


  3. Is there any where to get more detailed help with the site modeling?

    I can do the basics. Generate a site model, add simple pads, simple roads, simple boundries...

    I have a complicated site that I need to shape to the grading that we are going to do, but there are lots of slopes, and a walk out basement, w/ a driveway close by, and the the garage next to that.

    I've gone through JP's VW Architect Manual, but this is more complicated( especially getting the slope around the house for the walk-out basement).

    Any help is apriciated.



    I'm running VW 2010, w/ Vista 32.

  4. The Logitech cordless optical track ball rules! I've set buttons for cntrl, Alt, Alt+shift, and Shift. This has allowed me to use keyboard shortcuts, extremely easily (one handed, rt hand stays on the track ball). I did have to down load a slightly older software, to maximize the button programming, but it works great.

    Here's the Link for the earlier software. It's mouseware 9.79 english.



  5. I have recently been updated to Vista SP2, and now VW doesn't recognize my mouses extra buttons.

    The mouse works fine on other applications, just not on VW.

    It used to work before the latest batches of updates came out.

    I'm running

    Vista pro 32 bit

    Logitech cordless optical trackman (and love it)

    Thanks for your help,

    Dan Carhart

  6. I have been trying to set the viewing of my z origin below the middle of the screen.

    The reason is that most every thing that I am drawing is house oriented, so z=the floor. And when I turn to view 3D or front/side views, the bottom of the screen is unused, and the walls & such are off the top of the page. Of coarse I can pull the view down, but I would like to set the ground plane near the screen "ground".

    Any ideas?



  7. I use the 3-D feature constantly. In the early years I had mixed results. I would try to put enough light fixtures around ,so that everything was lit well(that sucked, w/ mixed results). Then I tried to give things slightly differant colors, so you could differentiate them from one another. Still mixed results, and all my models looked funny because I had to use lots of colors.

    Then I learned to use the ambient layer light, and add textures to my models. WOW!!! Now I can see what I'm doing. It really brings the renderings to life. Then I started to set textures to my classes(ie. walls), and now they are automatically drawn with textures!!

    The great renderings aside, there are two other great things about 3-D.

    1- Customers do not see things well in 2-D. Roll a model around for a customer, and they can see it much better. Better yet take them for a virtual walk thru. As a builder that does my own construction drawings, I unintentionally upstaged the Architect, when the Home Owner requested a walk thru, and the Architect wasn't able to do it with his software. They were very thankful, and impressed.

    2- This is one of the biggest things about 3-D. I it use to rotate complicated drawings around and find the funny areas, were things come together...

    Hope this wasn't too long winded, and helpful,


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