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  1. I am running VW 12.5 on a mac and I think I've found a small bug. Exporting an image file. In Current view and Jpg image settings, If I name the file 'anyname/anytime' with the slash, it does not save the file and remains open. If I remove the slash it works fine. Anybody else with VW 12.5 can check this would be good. Thanks All!
  2. Has anyone else noticed this, or is it a setting I am unaware of? When printing to pdf and there is text that is underlined, In the pdf the underline is virtually not there. Thanks all.
  3. fsung-- A rounded rectangle with a corner radius of zero is a rectangle. Why should that crash vw?
  4. Everything's Green , verified, repaired etc. If you do not input corner dimensions and try to proceed with the tapered extrude vectorworks shuts off. Not cool.
  5. I figured it out, though vw should not shut off like that . Input the corner dims and it works just fine on the double click of the tool. don't input the corner dims and a 2d square comes up. I would rather of seen an error message for that one than instant shut down.. Thanks for your help all. Have someone write up the small little error message for the next update??
  6. I apologize, 10.4.9 is my os. I am installing right now quicktime update 7.1.6 we will see if that helps.
  7. never... I just ran the repair disk permissions, verify also. Went into vectorworks double-clicked the rounded rectangle tool entered 10" x 10" and symmetrical. Placed it in the file no problem, I then entered 13.75" in the height and 2 for the degree, it waited a couple of seconds then blink vectorworks gone.-- also tried different sizes it still shuts down.
  8. There is no error message vectorworks just shuts down. Vectorworks version 12.5.1 and OSX 10.4.1 Quicktime version 7.1.5.
  9. Vectorworks 12.5; Dual 2 ghz g5; osx 10.4.9, geforce 6800 ultra. It happens in all new and existing files.
  10. rounded rectangle with either symmetrical or proportional checked, at 10" x 10" and then tapered extruded to a height of 13.75" with the degree of 2.0 shuts vectorworks down immediately.
  11. Found out that command+option+1 is to zoom in a factor of 4. Small bug because it says Cmd+C not the correct identification of key commands.
  12. you are telling me that command+option+1 is the shortcut for cut, not cmd+c?
  13. I am trying to add a keyboard shortcut to 'add surface and clip surface' commands the shortcuts are command-option-1 for add surface and command-option-2 for clip surface. The shortcut string works for clip, but when I try to add the keyboard command for add surface I get the message,"The shortcut Cmd+C is already in use by : Copy. Can anyone else check to see if this is just at my end ? Thanks.
  14. Is there a way to display the current date and time in a worksheet everytime the recalculate is chosen?
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