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  1. I have a roof object with a shed at 90 degrees to a gable, made with the roof object tool. The shed portion will not frame automatically, so I use the beam detailing tool. This tool has no Prefernces button, as do most tools (see JOIST in the same Tool Set) and could really use one so we can set the preferences BEFORE setting the beam/rafter/joist. Also, the pitch should accept rise/run as well as degrees. Thanks.
  2. Thanks. I have been avoiding using symbols because it is difficult to change them rapidly during the initial design process (when looking at alternatives) and in using the Data function for schdules or on-sheet window ID. (I can hear the Peter's cryingout in disbelief, but that is my experience). Maybe I am missing something. I would be handy to be able to try a size, array it to look at it and change it and do it again.
  3. How can I duplicate a window (or any) pio in an array? alt/edit/I only copies, does not set the window into the wall. Thanks
  4. I know I have asked this before, but can't find the thread. Is there a way to not have railings extend around the landings, assuming they are on the outside of the runs?
  5. There has been a rolling discussion of this in the List serve emails, with varying levels of angst about the amount of work/responsibility/fees architects will have. I think the List and Tech forum worlds are separate, which is odd to me, since there is information in each. Chirstiaan, i see you over there now and then. Would it be worthwhile to ask Nemetshek to open a discusion section in this forum for that?
  6. May I ask a really dumb question? When this is downloaded, what do I do with it so I can use it? Put it in the Program Files (PC)/Vectorworks/Libraries/Plug-ins? and how does the program know it's there? Thanks in advance for your mercy and patience.
  7. Robert: 12.5.1 Peter: Oooohh. Rings a distant bell. Thanks. Also, is there a way to NOT have railings on the landings? Thanks!
  8. That is what he is saying, but not what happens. It would be helpful if it were an option to indicate DOWN at the top of a run.
  9. I would like to see the transoms reflect the divisions of the windows or doors and sidelights below, at least as an option. Right now, with a 6' bank of windows, the transom is 6' long, with muntins reflecting the windows below. The muntin option whould be separate for the transom as well (ie, no center muntin even if selected for the windows). Thanks!
  10. How can I flip the orientation of a stair? I am trying to orient a U-stair opposite of the default placement. Katie and I recently found that if it is made using the height option, it can be mirrored, the original deleted, and used. I then have to go back and reset it for the floor-to floor designation to get it to read on both floor plans (negating the functionality of the PIO. If it is made using the floor-to floor option, then mirrored and the original deleted, both copies delete. Any experience in this, or suggestions on doing this? Robert, it would be great to be able to set the orientation at the time of placement (sort of like when setting a door). It would also be nice to control the arrow length, have the top of a flight say DOWN, but that is another thread.
  11. I ran into this a while back. I found that if you have made a viewport from a flyover view, then do Edit/Crop, draw a rectangle for anew viewport shape, and click back on the sheet layer to get out of the Edit, you will have a crop you can manipulate to get the whole image.
  12. Where is the best place to install it to, Program Files in it's own directory or into the VW folder, so textures get into the library?
  13. It would be very helpful if the sink symbols could penetrate the counters, both automatic as part of a base cabinet, and by the counter tool. Even cutting out a hole in the counter object only goes the depth of the counter. The sink should be a complete object. Also, the sink object should lock to the cabinet in which it is placed. Thanks
  14. It looks like the bottom right walls are exterior with the upper interior walls joining at the intersection. I just did it by drawing them in the desired configuration, T-join the interior walls to get them to butt, then L-joint the exterior walls last. Or draw the interior walls just short and manually click and drag them into place. Regarding the sink and counter, use a separate counter rather than a Lower Cabinet PIO, the draw a rectangle the size of the sink and Modify/Clip Surface. Delete the rectangle and voila, a hole. HTH
  15. No problem. You should see the questions I asked starting out!
  16. Try the Stair tool, Preferences, choose a circular stair and adjust the radius. Piping: Extrude along path using your pipe diameter is one way. Others?
  17. I wish the rectangles used for floor slabs (or whatever) retained their square footage information, maybe adding cubic footage or total surface area, when they are made into floor objects. It would simplify referencing the area of a room, building or other object. It is there as a rectangle, just keep it! Thanks.
  18. I thought so, I couldn't find mention of this with the search, but then the search function is such a catch-all it is hard to pin-point some things. Ouch. 4/4/06. Didn't make 12.5.1, I guess. Next time.
  19. A separate program is sometimes useful. My printing place needs prints from pdf's and requests them singly. I can batch them later for sending to a client, engineer or for storage. I use pdf995, which has free (limited advertising for their other products) or you can upgrade. Has worked very well.
  20. Is there a way to change the style of a window transom, similar to the door transom with Int and Ext sashes? I seem to be missing something in the Settings menus. Thanks
  21. Hook up with another designer or architect who is good at it, and will take a few sessions to go through the basics, help you understand the methods, techniques etc, and will let you stay in touch to get you past the rough spots. Continued use and asking questions (the forum, thehelp line is great, local user groups are invaluable) will give new insights everyday. Good luck and keep at it!
  22. After that, just use the Object Info palette and adjust the rotation (and other elements) or use the Rotate tool (longer, but has it's uses).
  23. The stair text is now defaulting to very small. The size should be adjustable, as should the arrow length. Also, there is no clear way (that I am seeing) to report bugs. Be nice to have a section on the Main Index page.. Thanks
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