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  1. More simply put, you need to go through the File/Document Settings/Model Setup and put in your vertical dimensions for the floors you will be using. These can be modified later but will give you the 3-d set up.

    There is more to do, with the Create standard viewports and setting up your drawing layers, as well as document preferences, but enough for one day. I would suggest doing some fundamentals training with a local VW user or VW (or Jonathans manuals) (see their training schedule)just to get you off the ground.

  2. Robert: I don't think so. When one is looking for a door type (other than a doing you own PIO) the list in Resource Pallete is just a list unless it is set to view as thumbnails. I don't think they realized you could change the view. Also, in the libraries file, it is only a list, no thumbnails, which is difficult if all you are looking for a is a single item.

    sfatelier- you ok with the PIO method of making doors?

  3. Not really, except you can copy/paste into a text box, but will lose most formatting (tabs, etc). We had a string starting on 6/21 that ran through some options, including using url's, keynote formating and the like, but no direct importing of Word (or Excel) documnets,let alone linked (interactive).

    12.5 has a PDF capability that seems promising, though I have not used it. Anyone tried yet?

  4. In the VW libraries list, you don't, but in Resource Browser, between the two top narrow windows and the large lower display window it says "Resources", with an arrow. Click it and set it to "View as" "Thumbnails". The items will come up as wireframe objects.

  5. Thanks, Pete. It is more that I wnat to do a series of options to test ideas, and not have to have a new file each time, or have to move one stair out of the way each time I want to try a new one. Also, I don;t see the object properties window you mentioned, at least in the PIO editor. In the Object Properties pallette, I have tried, and it just reverts to the default stair class.

  6. Thanks. Unfortunaltely it doesn't work. It goes through the afforts, then reverts right back to Vert Trans-Main.

    Why not be able to create the alternate class first then simply create on that? Are there built in default behaviors to the default VW classes?

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