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  1. I opened a V11 .mcd in 2020 today just fine.
  2. Thanks, but I think we're missing the point. There is no box or border visible on the viewports in the sheet layer or on-screen when viewing the pdf. It only shows up on the printed page. My none has no fill, but it is used for other things so has a line, but per above, I have never had this happen before, and it doesn't happen all the time.
  3. Thanks, I do update all the viewports manually before I make the PDF.
  4. When printing pdfs, my crop boxes are printing. But not all of them. The wireframe ones seem to print the box, while openGL or hidden line do not. They are all on None class and are invisible on the sheet layer and on the on-screen pdf. This happens on MACs to a Brother printer, on Windows to an HP printer and to a commercial printer. Any ideas? Thanks!
  5. Any update on this idea? could be really useful for buttresses, modern architecture...
  6. Thanks, Jim. You're right on the money. Ive tried to tilt sidewalks, short ramps, etc, and that would be useful.
  7. This may be the issue. I was trying to do it with floors, which apparently are tied to the layer plane so not rotatable in x/y.
  8. IT seems this should be easy, or I'm missing something! How can I rotate a floor in 3d (or in section view)? I want a tilted back to a bench seat. the 3d rotate says only in Z axis which rotates in plan. I've tried all the options in the rotate/3d tool. Thanks
  9. For a section viewport: Label should be modifiable BEFORE creation: it Doesn't let you determine the label type. It appears to, but doesn't work. and the line length mode is not changeable till after it's made. Not good. Thanks!
  10. While the roof framer is still erratic, putting on overhangs where none are specified, dropping members and leaving out headers at skylights, it would really help if the framing could be specified to align with the BOTTOM of the roofing object, since the object is often sized for the rafters AND the top sheathing. Actually it might help to be able to spec the distance from the top or bottom of the roofing object so we could use a depth including sheathing AND drywall.
  11. That works fine. And the VW icon even shows up alongside the VW files in the list of files. But not in the basic Windows Explorer box.
  12. I tried that, and again just now. For the vwx files I do not get an Open With option when right clicking, while I do with all other files types. If I go through Properties and browse for the program file, find it in Programs Files(x86), it still does not react, or attach.
  13. On several Win 7 computers, my VW files do not show the program icon in Windows Explorer, .vwx does not come up on program lists, is considered unrecognized in the Properties and will not attach to a file (via the Open With dialogue) when hunted down in the Program files(x86) folder. The files do not open when double clicked. Any ideas?
  14. It would help to have the shower drain offset be adjustable in both directions, since with the newer linear drains it is often placed at the rear or front of a square shower. Currently it defaults to a traditional side to side arrangement. Also, have a linear drain option if feasible.
  15. Small but helpful: these window walls should have the same settings capabilities as the standard tool, ie, for window numbers, classes (for ID), sills, wall lines, trim etc.
  16. An amendment to the above: to allow a 1 or 2 drawer option similar to the number of doors. Currently the drawers default to match the number of doors, but in many instances a single drawer is preferred over double doors.
  17. The countertop option for base cabinets isn't always useful (can't cut for a sink, for instance. For the countertop tool itself, it would be nice to at least do 45 deg corners to build "L"s. Actually it would be better to have plan options and flexibility similar to the stair tool. And to be able to move vertices and to edit the object similar to the roof tool.
  18. Please repair the section marker tool so the infill on the arrows is black. It adds a step to each input to change the color. This changed after v2008 so is an old issue. And please allow it to STAY black when the vp is mad black and white.Now it seems to read it as a color so defaults to white.
  19. and try to find instructions for making a hole in a wall....
  20. Simple request: be able to spec the number of drawers in a cabinet pio, or at least have a 2-drawer option,useful for pot drawers or shorter cabinets.
  21. From a recent escapade, I would wish for: - Something in the Properties, OIP or whatever to allow you to start the grid from a particular location, a la the framing tool; - Something in the help/manual to correctly say how to adjust the grid (yes it is simple ONCE you know), but it should also note to select the correct MODE; - Something in the knowledge base, even a 30 second YouTube video, for the same reason; - the ability to move or delete an individual grid line; - The ability to have lighting symbols snap to or even insert into and move with the grid. Imagine being a cad jockey on a large office project where your grid moves a bit. It would be nice to have it move together (BIM, anyone?); - for that matter have the smart edge tools act on the lines between grids, and even the center of a grid rectangle, not just the object itself;so you could accurately drop in lighting or other objects(yes you can snap to an intersection if your symbol is made that way or if the fixture is that size); Oh, and show the grid in openGL or rendering modes; Thanks!
  22. Thanks, I finally found that out, though nothing tells you that anywhere that I could find. When I had selected or double clicked all I got was the entire object. The Help article says to use the Re-shape tool, but in reality one should use the arrow selection tool. After all this my real concern is that there is nothing in the Help section, which is there instead of a printed manual, the Knowledge base has nothing, and seems almost unsearchable, even though this is a regular tool and potentially important to commercial users. You think there would be SOMETHING!
  23. I think the question is still out there: if you want to adjust the grid patern itself, not the grid object, ie, move one over a few inches or add a gridline, how do you do it? It would help to have an offset entry in the OIP, or a "start here" option like the framing tool. The VW help is next to useless on this. Thanks!
  24. I have the tag on the bottom right, but it doesn't work. The slider works, but with the roller mouse you get so use to scrolling by roller on everything, it should work here too, a la a web page. Maybe a mystery setting?
  25. Thanks, Pete. I had a great exchange with Mike Oz, and it came down to that the Path has to be a single object. So, I drew it in the layout I wanted, went to Modify/Compose, which created a single object (Mikes idea). I then turned OFF any Fill Attribute (if that class had it on), selected the Path and the Object, did Model/Extrude Along Path, hit "Next" for the path if it was not already highlighted (will show as a much heavier highlight than normal) and hit OK. Voila! A great feeling when something works. I think the Help section is missing something when it does not clarify that the path has to be a single object, since the description implies it can be a plurality of objects.
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