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  1. HP ran various checks on my plotter and confirmed it to be a VW issue.
  2. Seems to be a common problem with VW12. Are the files in question ones which have been imported from earlier version software? I have 'solved' this problem temporarily by cut and pasting the drawing onto a new VW12 file; bit of a chore if there are many layers/scales/classes, but it seems to work. I recall a similar problem with VW7 (or was it 8?) which was cured with the subsequent updates. See my other posts about my similar problem. Took me a while to locate my specific problem as I upgraded software, operating system and G5 all at the same time...and was printing to a new plotter! Seems in my case to be a problem between OSx 10.4.5 and VW12 as my other G5 on OSx 10.3.9 has no problem!
  3. I've recently upgraded to VW12.0.1 along with a new G5 imac running OSX.4.I cannot print to my HP designjet 110plus from any files created in VW8.5 which I have imported unless I cut and paste each layer into a new VW12 document. This is extremely frustrating as I have literally hundreds of files which I still need to access update and print. Will your 'script' solve this? If so how do I use it?
  4. My other G5 also running VW12.0.1 but with OSX 10.3.9 can print to this plotter even though it is using it as a shared printer through the first machine which can't print to it. Bizzare! Is it therefore by elimination a problem with VW12.0.1 when used with OSX 10.4...? Help...
  5. Did anyone find a solution to this? I am running VW 12.0.1 on a G5 Mac and OSX 10.4. My designjet plotter is linked directly via USB and I can print to it from everything but VW....! Sounds similar...help...


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