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  1. i waited six month after the release of Catalina / VW2020 upgrading my computer and VW. Since last march I upgraded both, the OS and VW. What a disaster. I have countless crashes and despite several sessions with Designexpress (local support in NL, very friendly and usually also helpful) nothing really solved the problem. I'm VW and MiniCad user since more than 25 years. Just awful. I see that the warning about comparability is still not removed from the VW upgrade site. Why not just withdraw the complete VW 2020 version for MacOs? My system: Modelnaam: iMac Modelaanduiding: iMac19,1 Processornaam: 8-Core Intel Core i9 Processorsnelheid: 3,6 GHz Aantal processors: 1 Totale aantal cores: 8 L2-cache (per core): 256 KB L3-cache: 16 MB Hyperthreading-technologie: Ingeschakeld Geheugen: 40 GB
  2. I have to upgrade my VW 12 release. In the past i lost functions with every upgrade (dtm, solar simulation...) In VW 12 fundamentals i can use worksheets. Is it the same in VW 2012 fundamentals?
  3. And no word from Nemetschek about when we might expect VW 12.5. When I bought my MacPro I had the promissing announcement in my mind Nemetschek published last year: http://www.nemetschek.net/news/pressreleases/2005/122005.php
  4. When i use the offset tool with polygons and polylines VW crashes instantly. It only does so on my new MacPro, not on my G4 or G5 macs. Is it Rosetta causing the problem? I want UB VW 12.5 soon!
  5. When I try to cut an oval by half with the clip tool the complete oval disappears. Cutting an oval by half with an overlapping surface using the clip surface command doesn't work either. (VectorWorks 11.5 Mac)
  6. I know what you mean Katie, the bar is there at first (geometry e.g.) but after they are completed the rendering should start. But it does not (only if raytracing is turned off) Matthias
  7. Ok, I reinstalled everything again and it's working fine. I have no idea what the problem was. I'm using the same workspace and a copy of the same default file than before.. Even the Vectorworks preferences where kept from the previous install. Thanks anyway, Matthias
  8. Dave, it's for all files. I made a file with only one simple extrusion and no light. I get the screen with the checker pattern and nothing happens after this. From the reactions it seems that I'm the only one facing this problem. Maybe I have to reinstall VW 10.1 from the disc and upgrade again to versin 10.5?
  9. Since I updated to VW 10.5 I can't render using raytracing. So using 'final quality Renderworks' or check the 'use raytracing' in the custom Renderworks option leaves me with the screen you get when rendering usually starts but nothing happens. Please help me out... (I work on a fw800 G4, dual 1,25Ghz with 1 gig RAM installed)
  10. I confused sun animator with sun position. Sun position is all I need. Thanks Mike
  11. Is the sun-animator discontinued in VW 9 ? I don't see it among the VW 9 features, only in the VW architect 9 features. Or is it a part of Renderworks 9?
  12. Oh, you have to remove the last dot from the link. http://asu.info.apple.com/swupdates.nsf/artnum/n12073
  13. There is an upgrade for the GeForce 2 MX available : http://asu.info.apple.com/swupdates.nsf/artnum/n12073. Maybe it will help Matthias Veen
  14. Running Quicktime 5 since today, still nothing on my screen when using the Quickdraw renderer.
  15. Why do people zoom in like 9000% or more? Do they want to look inside of lines? My computer never (?) crashes. But zooming in this much even mine did once. Normally I have no reason to zoom farther than max 800%. Trust the smart cursor more than your eyes.
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