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  1. To respond to the original question, do you have to use spaces to use Energos?, I just watched the Vectorworks tutorial "Introduction to Energy Modeling Using Energos" by Francois Levy. He indicated that spaces are needed to tell Energos which is the interior and exterior sides of the walls, for what it's worth.

  2. Use subtract solids to remove a portion of your cylinder. Draw a polygon, sweep that, position the resulting shape over the top of your cylinder and use Model/Subtract Solids to get the cone shape you want on the top of the cylinder.

    If I understand what you are looking for, that is.

  3. Short answer: yes, you can create a door symbol and add a record to it (which would contain your record fields) through the Object Info palette amongst other ways, including a door ID tag.

    But why do you not want to use the plug-in object, which allows VW to do all of this for you?

  4. No, POA, that is much clearer.

    And I can't help. The only thing I could suggest is to either dimension it after inserting, then moving as necessary back in the edit mode; or alternatively, input a 3d loci as a reference point, then in edit mode, add/move the element to match. Workarounds, both.

    Maybe someone else has a better answer.

  5. POA, I am not sure I understand your two examples. Maybe I haven't had enough coffee yet this morning.

    In the first, are you trying to add a mullion to a window object? Or adding a CW frame element to a larger CW wall? You can do the latter by editing the CW wall.

    In the second, are you trying to create a void in a Curtain Wall object? You could remove mullion elements in the curtain wall but you would still have glazing in that location.

  6. If you are trying to make a change to a Saved View, you have to re-save that view after doing so. Going back to the original Saved View will give you the unchanged original view unless you do so. Or am I not understanding your problem correctly? When I go to an orthogonal view, I can rotate it to see the other faces of the model.

    Please add a signature like mine to indicate what is your VW setup too; that helps in trouble-shooting.

  7. I have found in the past that trying to save the image to a remote drive or server would not work. I had to save the image to my computer's drive and then move the image later to where I wanted it. Is the former your setup?

  8. Steve, I have looked at this some more and I am getting the same results that you did. The model looks fine in VW but in exporting it and viewing it in eDrawings, I see initially one layer in plan but on rotating it, things disappear with only the detail you have seen left.

    It may be that your file is corrupt. Is the equipment or furniture symbols from other sources?

  9. Using 2015, but have added the Room Simple label. I can change the fill but only to the whole label, not just one part of it as you have it in your example. Don't know why yours is different.

    Tried the same thing in 2014, same result.

    What OS are you using?


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