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  1. After pestering the Tech Support ppl at VW again, it appears that my [pdf batch export & multiple viewport non-update] problem could be related to a defective workspace or plugin issue. Using a differing workspace or re-installing VW could be the answer. I am now stepping away from the "Caps Lock" button. Thanks!
  2. In case anybody else comes across this. Another user from a similar post suggested using "Workgroup reference" to bring in the design layers from the differing mcd files and make viewports [on sheet layers] from their layer links. This allows for the pdf batch export or batch print function to do their thing.
  3. Still working on the batch render issue. Christiaan had a great idea for working with a batch print issue, however, using that as a batch render solution locked up the machine - tighter than a drum. I guess that I'm wishing for more than Vectorworks / renderworks can handle.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply Christiaan, Normally not so quick to switch the flame on. My apologies for throwing a tamtrum. The tech support person at VW sounded like he'd been up for the past 3 days while I'm trying to avoid being up the next 2. Using WG referencing for batch render / output sounds interesting. I have only used WG referencing to reference 1 file to many not many to one. Obviously it didn't occur to try it for this situation. I'll be referencing layers with detailed models that are 20 & 30 mb each with lots of lights and textures in each file. Guess I'll find out if the machine can handle it. I'll give it a try! Great idea!
  5. To be able to create a print / render / export que for multiple viewports/views in multiple files Would be a wonderous thing! Atlantis does this! Are you going to let some little french render app do that to you?
  6. Bad news - found this while sifting through the tech forum archives. Blows my mind! What's the point of a one file at a time batch print function? VW markets itself as an ACAD alternative right?
  8. Hello all! Does anybody know anything about a batch render / export function that'll allow for viewports to render and output across several files in a que? Or did i just miss this in manual? Is there a 3rd party solution for this if I missed it? Thanks!
  9. Thanks! Yep, I tried the dxf route, and found Petri's comment to be true. Finding an efficient way to recreate all of the views is a kicker. I'm guessing that the Map Layers functionality of "Architect" is all about solving this problem. However, "Spotlight" is what I have to work with. Regards, m.
  10. Hello all, I've been asked to update a large set of 7 year old, 2d VW cad files. The person who made these dwg's was obviously an AutoCad user forced to adapt to VW to get through the project. They used layers instead of classes to group their differing kinds of illustrative info. Nothing was put into classes. There are approximately 40 to 50 layers in each dwg and 15 to 20 saved views [which don't work well at all.] The goal is to move the layers into classes and be able to maintain the saved views/sheets. My client is new to VW and would like for these files to be consistant with the VW file organization methods as demo'd in the tutorials & etc. Is this a job for the VectorScript forum? Currently I'm trying to use Petri's Layers to Classes VS, and am making a royal mess of it. [Thank goodness for the "Save-As" command!] Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  11. Help! When I attempt to use your Layers to Classes VS, It appears that each object on that layer gets a differing class. I now have seemingly hundreds of classes. It bogs the dwg down to a point where it feels like the file is 100mb, while it measures 6.5 mb. Except that this VS looks very promising. Your help is appreciated!
  12. So, while playing around with importing Sketchup files, I found that the SketchUp import function will give us a 3D shape but no textures. I tried the "import materials" selection, but that made no difference. Also, I found that by exporting the file with the 3DS format the textures were all there but the model was 25.168 times too small. Of course that imported as a mesh which rendered the hide lines function useless - Even with bumping up the smooth line angle numbers. Is there a better way to get VW and SU to talk to each other? What have you all done to sort thru the SU import situation? Is there a fast way to clean up a mesh for the hide lines render option? Input is welcome. Thanks! BTW - OS: Windoze XP, Machine: Dell Precision 380 with a 3 ghz processor.
  13. Well okay, It dawned on me, if the background for the graphic is black, then, Viola! It goes away; allowing for a multi- colored graphic with a "transparent" background. Also, was able to manipulate the spacing of the image in the projection area with the "image size" stretchy thingy under the edit resource window. So, it's all good. Thanks.
  14. Hello all, Long time VW user, however, I'm a newb at spotlight. Is it possible to create and project a multicolored gobo image, of an imported jpg, with a transparent background, from an inserted instrument onto a surface? Or is it just easier to map a photoshopped transparent texture onto the surface? I like the idea of the gobo projection because it can be "projected" onto multiple surfaces at once. Thanks! Any help will be appreciated! Mark


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