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  1. I'm guessing (but just wanted to check from experienced users) there is no way to turn off a gradient fill in a viewport other than assigning it to a class? Thanks Matt
  2. Hey Wes thats brilliant - thanks. I didn't try that before because at the day course I was recently on the instructor there said it wasn't possible. Thanks so much. Matt
  3. Hi, Is there anyway of offsetting dimensions when they are associated to points on a drawing so that the lines don't directly connect. Obviously dotted lines make a difference but even so would be good if they didn't originate at the associated point. I've added to simple pics to show what I mean. Thanks, Matt
  4. Thanks Judah thats very helpful of you.
  5. Ah ok I've sussed it. The difference is between top/plan and top view.
  6. They are now closed again - any help please?!?!?
  7. I've just started putting some dims on and now they have opened on their own - for which I'm happy but don't quite understand.
  8. Hi, I'm sure this is quite a simple issue for anyone with experience but I have a room plan with a pair of doors inserted correctly with wall breaks. I recall seeing the doors in the open position but now somehow they have changed to closed. Do you know how I can open them again? Thanks. Matt
  9. Hi Ray, Yeah was fine on the macpro - so thanks for that. Can only get up to 72 on my mbp though. Thanks for your help. Btw could you suggest a good tutorial for 3d modelling on VW 2009? We've had VW for a while but its only now we've decided to make it our primary piece of software so I'm having to get to grips with it all.
  10. Ok so 72DPI is the max. I'll try it on a macpro on Monday at the office and see how it goes. Thanks for your help. I'll let you know what happens. Matt
  11. Hey Think I've just sorted it - the PDF export DPI was 300 - I've taken it down to 72 and its all crisp now. Does that sounds right?
  12. I've attached 2 images image of the exported pdf and an exported jpeg - although I've now realised I can resave jpeg as a pdf (in preview) and has no streaks. But still wonder why it happens in 1st place - u know why? Matt
  13. Ray, Thanks for you patience. Yes the gradient colour is better described as 'streaky' (white lines running through). I would post image here but not too sure how you do that (apologies for any annoyance that might cause). Matt
  14. Hey Ray, Sorry will do the signature. In the meantime. Macbook Pro 1.83GHz 2GB Ram ATI Radeon X1600 Vectorworks 2009 Architect/Renderworks Was exporting from Design Layer.
  15. Hi guys, Pretty new to Vectorworks. Am exporting a simple page of table elevations with colour gradient fills to PDF. The PDF keeps coming out grainy even though I've changed all plausible options (that I can think of). I'm hoping someone can give me a simple solution that I've missed.
  16. Thanks guys very much. I asked the autocad operator and they managed to work out how to save it in autocad 2006. Have a good wkend!!
  17. Up until recently I've been able to import the dwg files no problem - now however I keep getting opendwg Library 8 error. I've read that maybe there is a prob with the version of autocad - but haven't been able to track down a solution anywhere. Is there one? I need these files as they save me so much time - they are house plans. Please help!!!!!
  18. Sorry must have sounded like a stupid question but got it sorted now. Matt
  19. Hi, new to VW and finding my way around - I have training scheduled later this week but trying to get a few things under my belt first. I want to add some gradients to my 2d drawings the choice is limited - how do I add other gradient colours etc.... please help? Matt
  20. cameleyes


    Hi. Not trying to annoy anyone but I'm new to Vectorworks and have installed new drivers to use dongle - its working fine. Question: Do you have to have it plugged in at all times when using Vectorworks or was it just for registration?


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