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  1. Hi Jim, I un-istalled and did a complete re-install. At the end of the installation it says that it failed and to check the installerlog.txt I then proceeded with the SP5 update. When I start the app I get the same XML message. Interestingly I have tried moving the program out of the VW2009 folder in applications to the applications folder and when I start the program I get a slightly different message (attached below).
  2. Thanks Jim. Will try 1st thing Monday Morning. Will let you know how it goes.
  3. Apologies for the delay. Yes exactly right. The old HD can be mounted but 'READ only'. I'm running VW off that as I write this. I have clean installed on new drive - icon just bobs up and down in dock and then after several minutes fails. I have copied complete VW folder over to new applications and when I launch VW I get the attached message re XML Library.
  4. Hey. I'm wondering if there is a simple solution to this? I was using vw 2009 on Mac OS X Snow Leopard. After a few months of release I decided to take the plunge and try out 'Lion'. I've been using VW on it since Novemeber last year, no problems or issues in what we use VW for - it worked fine. Last week my HD crashed. I had a bootable backup so could carry on. Well everything was fine except for VW 2009. It obviously doesnt like being cloned. It said my XML library couldn't be located. VW suggested a clean install - but it still doesn't work. I'm wondering that because my original install was on Snow Leopard that could be the reason why I had no issue with using Lion as when I upgraded VW 2009 was already present. Obviously now when I do a fresh install its operating within Lion. My old bootable drive now in an enclosure allows me access to my files/apps. I can open and use VW 2009 through it, however I'm not too sure how long it will last. I don't really want to have to wipe the drive. Install Snow Leopard and all my other files and then install Lion. Does anybody have any other idea of how I might get round this? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks
  5. Ah ok - got it. I have unchecked the 'smooth line text and art' box and displays now as I expect. Thank you very much ;-)
  6. DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so right - it's fine in Acrobat. I open the files on default to Apple's 'Preview'. Must be something within 'Preview' thats causing it to happen, a victory for Adobe over Apple huh. Thanks everyone for your help on that one!
  7. Hi All, I adjusted document prefs to 300 dpi. I made sure sheet layer was 300 dpi. Same problem - grainy gradient. I've attached the file, I would love to solve this as it's been bugging us a while - although some clients think it's done on purpose to illustrate the wood grain :blush: Thanks Matt
  8. Peter, It is from a design layer. At home now and dongle is at work so will double check dpi of sheet layer in the morning. Whats odd is that depending on the size/shape of the object the gradient fill is ok. I'll get back to you 1st thing in the morning. In the meantime attached image showing larger area and problem as I just explained. Thanks for your help on this. Much appreciated. Matt
  9. Peter, Michael Appreciate your suggestion but I get the same result :confused: Any other ideas most welcome Matt
  10. Hi Michael, Thanks for your input. How would I get around that problem? Matt
  11. Your help will be much appreciated. When I export a 2d drawing with gradient fills to PDF (even at 300dpi) I get a grainy looking fill in the PDF viewer. On screen in Vectorworks the fill is smooth & fine. The PDF prints no problem i.e. no grainy effect. I've tried various combinations under Preferences/Display/Quartz imaging + Anti Aliasing but still end up with the same result. Am I missing something here?
  12. Hi, I've obviously changed some setting although I'm not sure which. Solid objects no longer mask out objects behind even though they have a solid fill. Its like they now have 100% opacity. I'm sure its a simple fix - please help! Image below illustrates.
  13. Many thanks for your help - very useful, although way beyond my comprehension of maths :-(
  14. Hi guys, Wondering if there is some bright spark that can help me out. As you can see from the attached image this is currently a very simple 2D demi-lune shaped piece of furniture. I need to split the face on elevation into a series of panels 136mm wide, no problem on the flat face, is there some way of accurately working this out for the arcs either end from the plan? Really appreciate any help on this. Matt
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