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  1. On my mac... been using VW12.0.0 fine no problems... then all of a sudden it seems all my plug-ins are not working... without a full reinstall... anyone got any hints ? thkx
  2. I've got some house design files that I built and i'm am having constant trouble printing as a batch print... there is virtually no way round doing what I need to do ... without batch printing... so I would dearly LOVE to be able to get this done fast... without printing the 7 sets of 25 pages ... one by one Heeeeelp Any ideas ? XP With VW 11.5.1
  3. Figured it out... you just open the file doh. Some of the files in Vector Depot don't have the hatch in the actual hatch dialog menu thingy. Can anyone give me a hint how I get them to appear in there ?
  4. Can someone please let me know the answer to where do i stick a hatch file in my VW directory so its available ? Driving me nuts. TIA
  5. Unless you have architect etc... File>Batch Printing won't be visible to you at all... You activate it in the File>Workspaces/ Menu. g
  6. I have thousands of houses. One viewport for every bit of type would mean I would need to emply people to manage my type workload.
  7. Appreciated - but are there any other solutions ? Have a major thing against viewports.
  8. Is there anyone else out there that designs houses and structures that doesn't have any qualifications for doing so ? Regulation is coming into NZ in a year or more and I will be fine, just wondering how others have got to where they are in the industry. -i- [ 03-23-2006, 04:07 PM: Message edited by: ixplorer ]
  9. Not nurbs... only ever on lines and polygons. VW !!... Are you listening ... this has been there since Version 8 !! It would be nice if you could attend to it. -i- [ 03-23-2006, 04:08 PM: Message edited by: ixplorer ]
  10. Pretending I don't have my crappy parallel HP1125c ... What printer do you suggest that is bloody fab... works with both Mac and PC, networkable, fast, doesn't cost a fortune, nor does toner. Size wise... A3 is fine A2 would be great... no larger is needed. Any ideas ? I had figured I could stick two pages together for A2, but ... that will depend on the A2 options and their cost. I'de be ok with A3. Cheers in advance, -i-
  11. Has anyone else experienced this tool operating exactly the opposite from what you expect ? Only happens from time to time. g
  12. Anyone have any idea how I maintain the type scale at 12pt on all size drawings regardless of the scale that they are changed to. Thanks [ 03-23-2006, 04:08 PM: Message edited by: ixplorer ]
  13. Already aware of that... just really asking if anyone was already doing it and what they were using.
  14. I am investigating getting this idea of mine underway... having a VW drawing on-screen, ringing a client... getting them to go to a site... selecting my screen... and viewing real time as i guide them through my work... and talk to them 1-1 on the phone. Anyone currently do anything like this ? I think I have everything I need to get the job done... just want to know if I am ahead or behind some of you. This will save time, flights, and alot of hassle ! Cheers Guy
  15. I have the same problem, I can not get the stair break to go down the stairs only up, if I rotate its the same problem but at the other end. I have V11.5.1. Is this fixed in 12 ? I make a point of not riding the crest of the wave when buying software that is constantly being developed. Cheers g


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