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  1. I have a Quad running 10.4.5 (updated from our 10.4.3 system build) which I tried to install Vectorworks. I was logged on as Admin when I started to run the installer. The process was running okay until it got to the part of actually installing the software (once it had loaded and expanded the files on all 3 disks). The install indicator saying what files it is installing does not appear. I wait for 15 minutes and still nothing happens (even though the Activity monitor says the installer is using 100% of a processor. I have also attempted this install on a G5 single processor and G5 dual processor running 10.4.4 with the same results. I then took the quad and put my 10.4.3 image back on it. The vectorworks installation ran with no problems. I repeated the installation on two more G5's running 10.4.3 with success. As a further test - I updated my Quad machine again to 10.4.5 and tried the newer 12.0.1 update installer. That worked ! Is there an issue with the Vectorworks installer on Mac OS 10.4.4 and upwards ?
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