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  1. Cinema build it's structure, also round structures, out of polygons... In Vectorworks the round wall consists of Nurbcurves. Pretty weird than that maxon sells this plugin if you can't make round objects! Is there a way to turn the round wall into a polygon mesh?
  2. When exporting a correct textured round wall to Cinema only the bottom, top and windows are exported. There is no way I get the wall properly exported.... Who knows??
  3. Robert, and what if I'm using winXP?
  4. Actually I mean the label of the spaces that is visible in the drawing. For example the label says: Room 01 34 S.M. I want the S.M. to be changed into m? (or m2). So I changed the units. And looking down the object info palette while the space is selected I see the area is marked as 34 m?. So that's right. Only problem is I can't edit the label manually or give the area another unitmark.
  5. There is no way I can change the Unit mark of the area unitmark while using space planning. I'm trying to change the area unit from S.M to m?. Anybody knows how to..? I've tried creating a custom Unit system, but it had no effect..
  6. I'm using a PC Athlon2400 WXP home SP2 It also happens when I use the ordinary zoom tools. I just can't zoom in on a detail zooming in 2D mode is no problem. Bram
  7. ?? When I try to zoom in Open GL render mode I get a blank screen when zooming in on a detail... I don't understand..
  8. If I want to zoom in (using mouse scroll)I get a blank workspace. Isn't the zoom unlimited?(offcourse to a certain level) Is this a bug? Bram
  9. George thanks! I'm learning! It worked out quite well. I've got the plugin for C4D. Thanks for the help
  10. Hi George, Thanks for the info! I plan on modeling with VW and render in C4D. So I'll be using the auto update. But I'm new to VW (formerly Think3 user) and working on a huge project for an interiordesign. I've searched the Net and the helpfiles of VW but I can't find a way to give a sill, jamb, or sash seperate textures. I'm sure this must be possible! Bram
  11. Hi George! Thanks for your quick reply, So if I fully understand you, there is no way to give seperate materials to the jamb and the sill in Vectorworks. In a way you export the file as 3DS that jamb and sill are loose objects. So with the C4D plugin this is fixed and you have seperate objects? Bram
  12. Hi there, I'm new to vectorworks and I'm trying to export a wall with several windows in it to Cinema 4D. I don't have the plugin yet so right now I'm exporting to the 3DS format. In C4D I the want the jamb, sill the glass etc. to be loose objects. But I don't know how to manage that. I've tried several things but everytime the window and the wall became one object. Please help! Thanks, Bram


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