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  1. that's what i've done, i can see no button on the info pallet!
  2. Quote: "The other reason is for legacy purposes. Legacy tools (ones that have been changed and improved over the years) are included for backwards compatibility. It is unecessary for these legacy tools to be part of anyone's workspace. There may be a few exceptions to that, but 99% of them should stay out of usable workspaces." Well, that's understandeble, but I'm also trying to make a good workspace and maybe it will be helpfull if there was a workspace with all tools and menus that can be used in the latest version, so that those that only in vw to provide backword compatibility are not in it. it will be a big help, so that the user only needs to delete those menus and tools they don't need.
  3. hey, i tried to make object events and it didn't work, so i just copied example three from the vcor site (the one with the button on the info pallete) and try to run it. it gives no errors, and there is no button!!! so why does it not work??? no error, no button??? someone encountered the same problem or knows a solution?
  4. hey, that name means something!!! don't you know The Legend of Zelda??? then you'll know who Link is!!! Oh, and thx for the script, it really helped me out! I retrieved the parameters after the dialog was closed.
  5. I don't think it's hard to made such a tool for those who have still VW 11.5, because its just math. when you have the equation of a line and that of a plane, you can search the intersection point. and that's what the tools does, you select an edge, then the two edges that it connects to are lines. then the intersection of these lines with the plane (the other roof face) is calculated. and if you draw the selected edge from point one to point two, you'll have your connection! almost every tool use math!
  6. I just made some pics how the tool works: http://users.telenet.be/DDreams/Dakaansluiting1.jpg http://users.telenet.be/DDreams/Dakaansluiting2.jpg http://users.telenet.be/DDreams/Dakaansluiting3.jpg
  7. its the dutch version of vw and the tool is called 'dakaansluiting'. i do not know the exact translation but it means that you can make a roof fit to another. i will try to make some screens of how it works and so and set it on the forums, today or tomorrow.
  8. I made a dialog and i'm trying to retrieve the info after klicking ok, but all i get is '0' from all fields, i used GetField and GetEditReal, does someone knows how do to it??? or why it is 0???
  9. hey, there is a tool to join roof faces together! at least in the NL version of VW.
  10. yeah, it is possible (i know) but what i mean is can you specify it further, like it must be a circle?
  11. I have still a question that maybe be related to this, if you make a menu command, can you say in the script when it must be greyed out and when it can be used? like you'll have to first select something to use it?
  12. thx for the info, i also read the article and i know now whats possible with pio's.
  13. No! that's not what i mean! I know that parameters can be enabled, disabled, hidden, shown, made invisible! And the events etc are used when the object is created the first time! I know how to make those dialogs! What I want to is add parameters (presented by the script), buttons, lines, spaces, tabs etc to the info pallet of the pio! something like the button on the info pallet of a window that let you decide how each piece looks! because you can't go back to the dialog that's used to create the object! unless you use many scripts to make the pio, and that's not what i want! i hope you'll understand me now. i really need to know
  14. k, so they can be disabled. but i want to create parameters if some options are chosen or it does it automaticly when it must be done. like a stair for instance. you can give the heigth and then my script calculates the amount of 'elevations' (don't know the exact word) needed for it, then you can say what kind of piece the first part must be and then the second with each an amount of elevations. so when there are some elevations left, then another part must be created automaticly, so the script must make parameters. is this posible? i also have some other questions about dynamic scripts: 1) can you add some sort of button to say with class each element of the pio must be? like in the window pio? or can this be done in another way? maybe with another script that you let choose a class for a part and then set it in the pio? 2) can you adjust how the parameters in the info pallet are shown, like add a line for dividing it into parts, or let them jump in? so that it is clearer what each parameter stands for and so that you can see the different kind of groups the parameters are divided in? 3) how does these events work?
  15. is it possible to make a script that when a certain parameter is chosen, other parameters are shown/not shown??? it should be like the windows. when you choose frontview, the thicknes of the walls disappears. can it be done to make such a dynamic pio?
  16. I find it very frustrating that zooming is also saved in the undo/redo list. so maybe it is better to have a undo/redo for drawing and one for zooming?
  17. hey, i was just thinking about the section viewport, and there is something missing. you can assign a fill patern and fill color to a class, but it shows the same when the object is sectioned as if the object is behind the section line. so maybe there has to be an extra filling for when you section the object by the section viewport? it will be very helpfull!! so it is possible to make sections like there are meant to be drawn!!
  18. hey, i can't change the class of the objects like a door, when i want to set like the frame to a specific class or color or whatever, vw just closes. I'm using vw 11.5 now for the moment. can someone help me?
  19. What i mean is not giving each 2D object a different Z heigth, but each layer should have a plane where all the 2D objects are on (like now), but when you go in 3D, this plane should be visible with all 2D objects that exist solely out of 2D!. The 3D/2D objects show or 3D or 2D depending on which view you are in. so there should only be a visialisation of all 2D objects (with no 3D) in 3D by a plane
  20. Sometimes I find it very confusing to switch between 2D and 3D. would it not be easier when you go to 3D view, that all the objects and other 2D stuff that has no 3D attached to them, show in a 3D plain that you can give a z heigth. so that you can better orientate when going in 3D. This I have seen in ADT, And I think it is not that difficult to bring this in in VW.
  21. You can divide a circle into equal pieces, but not an oval? I found no way to do this. If this cannot be done, it will be good to put this in a later version.
  22. Can I mail the appendix to you so that you can see that its not there on this version??? because it is really not there!
  23. k, thx for that. But that info is not in the appendix!!! althought not in the one of vw 12!!! so i could not find it!!! I tried all the numbers and i found that you're not completely correct: 608: wall net area 609: wall left net area 610: wall right net area 611: wall gross area 612: wall left gross area 613: wall right gross area Thx much!!!
  24. There is nothing in the reference that says what to use for retrieving the net area of a wall!! I looked different times at it! I can't find it, so if it is there, can you show me where?
  25. I tried all the numbers to 10000, and none of the ones that gave something match the net area!!! So this is not the way to find it??? And there's something very wrong with calcvolume for walls!!! it only is correct when the wall has no peaks!!! and i'm making a command to calculate everything in my drawing and give it like i want it. the reason why i want to make it in vs is because the spreadsheet is not that flexibe. i just want the results and not a line for each wall!!!
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