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  1. There's the rub. You might solve that with GetView(xAngleR, yAngelR, zAngleR, offsetX, offsetY, offsetZ); SetView(0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0) SetView(xAngleR, yAngelR, zAngleR, offsetX, offsetY, offsetZ); Or maybe not... That's what i do now I guesse that i need to follow ccroft's advice and write my plugin without changing the view, and that means 100 lines instead of 10. I just want to keep code clean and short
  2. This can be done for the presentation layers, not yet for the design layers. but why would you do that? i can imagine that it would be confusing. when f.e. you open a document from a while ago and on every layer is a different view and it is a huge document, then it is hard to tell where you are on the drawing?
  3. I now uses getview and setview and it works fine, the only thing is that when the document was in plan view, i get a top view after the script. The reason why i want to use this is the following: i need to mirror different 3D objects at the same time. there is no command that does this so i use fliphorizontal or flipvertical and these are viewdependant. so i must set the view to top view or plan view. maybe this is something for the wish list? mirror selected objects in 3D?
  4. I know how to set the document to 2D plan view, but how can you know if the document is in 2D plan view. I change the view in my plugin for easier working, but i want to change it back once it is done. so before i set it to 2D plan view, i must know it was in to that view
  5. hey, how can you mirror an object in 3D around a plane of your chose? (not the MirrorXY3D because you only can mirror around the xy plane!) I find commands to edit a selection in 2D, but there are no commands to edit a selection of objects in 3D?
  6. when i draw array dimensions, i want to set for the ones on windows a suffix like '/210' for the height of that window. so i think that there must be a prefix and suffix for each individual dimenstion in the array, like you can select the points of a polygon.
  7. It really exist, i will post an image of the help about this command tonight
  8. Ok, I doesn't knew that. I would really like to know what tools etc. are in the english version. because it seems that a whole lot of things are not in that version and maybe there are things that are deleted for our version etc. where can you find this info?
  9. the size of the page changes when printing on another printer. try setting the printing options before starting a document, that way you'll have the correct page size
  10. yes, but when they are not in a group, the shadows are there. So I do not think that can be the reason.
  11. yes, there is a function called 'zet om naar lijnarcering' in dutch, and i think its 'convert to hatch' in english. here it is under the Arch menu. You need to draw the smallest possible pattern for the hatch that needs to be copied. then select it and use the command
  12. hey, i noticed that the shadows dissapear in a rendered view when you group viewports together
  13. it would be very helpfull if there was a space object were you can have angled top planes, like when the room is under the roof, then it would be more accurate for calculations.
  14. I have a problem with some pio's i made: everytime a parameter is changed, it deselects and selects the wall it is in to. so when you want to change many parameters, you'll need to select the pio every time again and again. does someone know why this problem occurs? or does someone have a solution to this. i looked at the scripts, but i can't find a reason why this is happening.
  15. I applied a hatch with horizontal lines, and i saw that there was a line missing. I tried different things to make it appear again, but it did not work. after a time I noticed that everytime a line of the hatch falls together with a line of your shape, it dissapears. This is very strange. has someoneelse encountered this problem? which solutions are there? it happende in version 11.5, so i do not know is this is still in 12.5.
  16. is your roof above your walls? is it in the correct layer? When there is no 3D object above a wall in the layer you've selected, then the walls won't change
  17. now it is possible to set the vectorworks option to rotate the text so that it is always readable, but i now have a drawing where i want to put that of for one viewport, so maybe it can be made so that it is viewport dependant and not for everything or nothing?
  18. that's a very good idea! it would be very easy to use it that way. then we don't need to work around this. You can make a duplicate of the hatch, edit it to the wanted color, and set the attributes of the class the object is in to that hatch, that's the way i do it.
  19. But when you use that command, you'll get a group! I always duplicate a hatch pattern, and then assign it to the object, check where the origin must be, and then set the origin of the hatch pattern, then you can adjust it later!
  20. that's a lot of work, but i found another way do to it, as i draw only single walls (no walls with different pieces), i set the wall settings to take the class settings there are in. so in a viewport i change the class settings, and i get another wall, the only problem with this is that you can't use the symbols that come with vw (luckely i made my own) and that you cannot use walls that exist out of pieces.
  21. We can change the class settings in each induvidual viewport, and that's a great thing, but we can't change the wall settings? i would be very helpfull if it could be done, because it now feels incomplete! Tips on how to work around this problem are always welcome.
  22. When you modify a wall, you can't modify it so that all the edges are straight (read horizontal or vertical in most cases). There are always a few milimeters incorrect and do have a small slope. Although it is nearly invisible, i find it very frustrating because i want an accurate model of a home and to put a corner window in a wall, the wall needs to be reshaped. does someone have a solution to this? are can this be altered in the next version of vw???
  23. I think that's not always a good way. maybe there must be an option to do that if you wanted to. here are solutions: 1) make the symbol with certain classes and just adapt these classes 2) set the symbols in differend classes 3) everything must have a class. but i know what you want, i have no answer to this.
  24. But it is not possible to add hatches to a 3D plane?
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