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  1. you first need to go through the list of these pio's: ForEachObject(); Then when you have retrieved the handle to the object: SetRField(obj_handle,'Name of Pio','Draw Beam',false or true); You can also look in the online reference instead of the built in one, there are some tips with each command etc. http://www.nemetschek.net/support/custom/vscript/reference/default.asp
  2. you need to have the surface area??? there is a command for this!
  3. i found a way of doing this, but it only works for vw 12.5.1. i can use a drawing border for this. i know that this was in vw in previous versions, but it was not translated and not like we use it here. they finely translated it and adapted it for use here in belgium. but that doesn't solve the problem for vw 11.5.
  4. but i the information is different for each file, i want something like a record, but it may only exist once.
  5. o yes, i had that too, you just can't render a viewport with textures.
  6. i mostly use toon rendering and 'kleurwassing' (i think its called 'color wash' or something in english)
  7. is there a way to link information to a drawing file? so that it can only exist once (no record) and can be retrieved for use in different symbols and plugins? like the name of the architect etc. ...
  8. The link is not working, but it sounds very usefull. I also want to know which program is best for use with the sdk for programming the plug-ins.
  9. since vw 12 came out, there was an improvement so that if we render in 'don't show hidden lines' the lines of the top and bottom of the walls are not drawn. I would like to have this in all render modes, specially in the artistic render modes. but while we are waiting for this, are there some workarounds for this?
  10. subfolder for hatches are very welcome, now we need to scroll an enormeos list of hatches to find the correct one
  11. Why not just use the wall height if you know that there are no peaks???
  12. If there is a red x through it, then it means that there are no items to see in the viewport, check your clas visibility and layer visibility.
  13. just try different things, and you'll see what works best for you. although i find that most of the standard shortcuts are fine.
  14. Why not? when you want to calculate the building, you'll have to draw it correctly how it will be built, that's why (and other reasons) i draw them seperate. it is also better if you use a live section.
  15. or you can draw the walls as seperate walls.
  16. you can also draw a shape over it that is white and then group it with the symbol.
  17. ??? saved views can't be compared to vp! a viewport is for meant for showing you a piece of your drawing for printing etc. a saved view is used for getting back real fast to a view to work on like you have a view for electrical purpose, you save a view where certain classes are on and other not, and then you can go back to that view for working on the electrical installation.
  18. if you want to insert a window in a roof, that SYMBOL must be only 3D!, you can't enter a hybrid symbol in a roof
  19. already done this and it worked, although thx fot the info
  20. I already did that, but it would be really helpfull if we could duplicate 3D objects, so that my code can be cleaner and much more structured
  21. you can also use dropload, but you'll need to register
  22. I want to duplicate 3D objects in a script. it is a door in a pio i made. when i want a double door, the door must be mirrored in 3D, but duplicating 3D objects doesn't work like it should be in a script
  23. why can't u duplicate 3D objects? Like an extrude along path etc????
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