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  1. A feature that we used all the time at my old office (BCJ) using microstation, was to be able to differentiate a dim tick that is to the face of something (which is typical) versus a dim that is to a centerline of something (typically a col line) with a circular tick mark, rather than a diagonal mark. This is a great way to clarify for the builder in the field that a particular dim is not to something he/she can see, but rather to an abstract datum that needs to be related to. I don't know why this isn't standard practice in architectural drafting; it avoids a lot of potential confusion, and makes the drawing easier to read. Anyone aware of a way to do this in VW, or if not, can we add this feature please? Thanks!
  2. I was wondering if anyone can point out a way to set up a viewport such that most of the layers print black, but certain ones print in their designated color. This would allow for setting up coordination drawings (plans in black as backgrounds, each trade gets a color) or for example electrical drawings and RCPs where there are a lot of different layers of information, and bringing a few colors into the mix is helpful. So far the only way I know how is to save as, and manully change all the layers to black except the ones I want to remain in color... THanks
  3. OK, our version of the same problem: Server and clients are 10.4.8, clients running 12.5. Retrospect is in the picture, but only backs up at night, whereas we suspect this is happening just as one closes out of a file, maybe only on quiting VW. I reassign permissions on the server once a month or so, to correct user created folder privileges, but never permissions/disk check. I'll give that a try. Need to bump everyone, etc. One of our projects with a dead file has a relatively short file path: sparch docs(thats the server)/projects/0601 philastan/cad/Base plan.mcd on the other, its: sparch docs/projects/0504 fishman/0504 cad/VW/current/house 02.mcd I can tighten up that second path, although there a million workgroup references that will need relinking. Sigh. Any though as to whether 12.5.1 fixes any of this? With Microstation there was a way to define a default path start point, in my case above I would have it start at /projects which would save a step or two... Does VW have anything like this?
  4. ok, solved my own problem. Looked in workspace forlder, there were five backup folders, each with only three of my various workspace files. The only ones NOT copied were (I'm embarassed to admit) the ones with bad characters in the file name; eg "SPA for 23" monitor" and the like. I manually changed the names to have no odd characters and reran the update, all went fine.
  5. Seems to sucessfully install everything, says "finishing..." Then I get "Error backing up workspaces." and when I hit OK I get "Installation Failure, see ... log for details." Log seems to indicate same idea. - snip - making a backup of the workspaces folder copyFile FAILED with result: 1024 Send the error info to the database, and see if you got back a better error message. pageAndQuery: /AutoUpdater.php?userName=spotts buildType=Release language=eng exceptValue=None base_build=1250_60762 exceptType=None serialNumber=[deleted for privacy] updaterVersion=13 platform=Mac sessionID=2007-01-15+10%3A16%3A39 msgID=errMsg10 action=installerEvent updaterMode=Update result from php: Error backing up workspaces. Error backing up workspaces. - end snip - I tried disk utility, permissions, etc. Any suggestions?
  6. Just a heads up, to anyone in the position I was in; To run the installer on my office mac that has the user directories on a server, the installer would crash out after selecting the location search path, but once I logged in as a local admin user, it went fine.
  7. thing I pretty much can't work without: VB Vector Move things I use all the time, but can get along without temporarily: VB Prefs Menu, VB Stretch Others I use: align, class menu, layer menu. I recomend we all donate a bit to the developer, help him justify spending the time to recompile his excellent work...I'm going to do that now. http://www.vectorbits.com/VB_intro.html
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