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  1. On 4/10/2020 at 3:32 PM, cberg said:

    Is the goal to go through all of these notes and reconcile them manually?  Then the database is reconciled and in the active database?

    Yes. If you have the correct database on the left side the "auto locate" option should automatically locate it when you select a note on the right side.

    I'm surprised you have to manually reconcile them. Is it possible that the in the "Cannot Locate Database" dialog, you relocated a database to the wrong one? In general, you shouldn't have received this dialog below, if the only difference was the location of the database and you had relocate it correctly. The reconciliation in this case, is generally automatic.

    On 4/10/2020 at 3:32 PM, cberg said:



    On 4/10/2020 at 3:32 PM, cberg said:

    If I am on dropbox will it matter that my user folder has a different path name than people I am sharing it with?

    Yes. It does matter. You do not want to use absolute paths unless that path is the same for everyone.

    With that being said, there may be a problem with relative paths when using project sharing. We are looking into it.





  2. 21 hours ago, leecalisti said:

    1. Are these two separate files (or databases)? See the photo below.

    Yes. These are two separate files. 

    Vectorworks ships with two notes database files; one for Callouts "callout.txt" and another one for General Notes "general notes.txt"

    These are just sample databases provided as convenience and as a guideline. Most users will create their own databases.  

    These default databases will be found in the default library application folder. You can identify them in the Notes Manager with the prefix [VW].

    They are Read-Only files. If you use them and make changes, you own copy will be saved in your User Folder. You can identify them with the prefix [UsrLib].


    21 hours ago, leecalisti said:

    2. If so, why? Can I merge them easily? Is seems to default to the [VW]/Libraries\Defaults\Notes\General Notes.txt - I've been saving to the [UsrLib]...database.

    Why separate databases for Callouts and General Notes?

    It is just a preference. They don't have to be separate. But having a separate database for general notes allows us to provide a good default database tuned for the General Notes tool. 

    Yes, they can be merged. They are text files. If you open them in a text editor, you'll find that the structure of the database is pretty simple. You should be able to copy the data from one database to another.


    If the question was why are there separate notes with the [VW] and [UsrLib] prefixes, see answer to question 1 above.

    21 hours ago, leecalisti said:

    3. When I go to this user folder, which one is there? [C:Users>Lee Calisti>AppData>Roaming>Nemetschek>Vectorworks>2020>Libraries>Defaults>Notes

    When you go to this user folder,  see your own custom database. The one with the [UsrLib] prefix.



  3. 28 minutes ago, leecalisti said:

    Is there any simple way to get notes from our VW2019 version into 2020 without losing anything?

    Could you please elaborate? The note database is just a text or xml file. Its format is not specific to a VW version. You can use it in both 2019 and 2020 versions.

    If your database in saved in your user folder,  just migrate it to your 2020 user folder.


    32 minutes ago, leecalisti said:

    Why does the Notes Manager show two (or more) Databases? [VW]/Libraries... and [UsrLib]/Defaults|Notes\General Notes.txt

    Which one should I be saving to with my notes?


    Why one for General Notes and one for Callouts? Is that just a preference?

    You can make your own choice here. You can have one or more databases. Some users have multiple databases and use different databases depending on the project.


  4. 3 hours ago, cberg said:

    @leecalisti  At least you get a response from VW.   My questions about how to share a notes manager database with others in the cloud, have been sitting unanswered. 

    @cberg Where did you post that question? Could you point me to it?

    You should be able to save your notes manager database anywhere (in your user folder, workgroup folder or anywhere on your machine).

    You could save it in your dropbox folder or other cloud storage folder and share with others. But keep in mind that you could end up with conflicting files in dropbox if you are all making changes to the database simultaneously. 

  5. 1 hour ago, jnr said:

    Cberg:  Thanks for the clarification. Does this mean that the 2019 simple Notes Manger: Callout menu (for non-database notes) has gone away in 2020? (Am trying to determine if my 2020 install is corrupted or not)

    Yes that is correct. What you are seeing is the new 2020 interface.

    If you are not using databases, you can just ignore everything above the Callout text control. These controls are disabled except for the first one, which still allow you to select a database in case you need it, without having to change your preferences.

  6. On 1/17/2019 at 8:03 AM, tca said:



    Does anyone have a script that allows me to change the name of multiple resources (symbols, walls styles, hatches etc.) at once?

    Preferably a search and replace kind of thing that works for all types of resources. Alternatively something that does this for one type of resource at a time.

    I have found similar scripts for renaming or pre/suffixing class names...


    thanks in advance.

    @tca Could you please describe with some examples the types of rename or search/replace operations you are doing?

  7. On 8/29/2018 at 9:36 PM, Amorphous said:




    • We run a full BIM model in our office, so everything, including schedules come from our model.


    • We find the process of recalcuations to be extremely slow, especially given the records attached to objects are really simple. This surely can be improved. 




    • We can't comment on how your back end works. But the time taken to calculate the simple information we would like to display seems disproportional.




    @Amorphous Improving worksheet recalculation speed is on our radar.

    Are you recalculating all worksheets in your file? or just a single worksheet? (Note that there are two 'recalculate' commands; one will update all worksheets in your file and the other will just update the active worksheet). Updating all worksheets in your file will be slower of course.

    The recalculation speed is proportional to the file size or the number of objects in the file. The nature of the data to be extracted from the objects also determines the performance.

    Do you have a typical file that demonstrates slow worksheet calculations? Please send it to me via private message.

    Because slowdowns can be caused by many different factors, it is very helpful to us to see many different examples.



  8. 12 hours ago, Kevin McAllister said:

    Is it intentional that you can't select a group of classes that includes the top level name when your class list is set to display using hierarchical display and assign a tag to them? It works fine when I turn off hierarchical display. I also would have thought I could select a top level name and assign tags to everything within that hierarchy much like I can turn everything with it off or grey it by just selecting the top level name. This is a bit inconsistent with the existing interface.




    The behavior of the Assign Tags command is consistent with the behavior of other existing menu commands (Edit, Duplicate and Delete).



  9. On 5/15/2017 at 3:34 AM, dontevenjoke said:

    Thanks for trying.

    It's weird. I'm sure no one wants symbols to look like that?




    If you are using VW2017, you can change the resolution of the images in the worksheet.

    The Image resolution setting can be found in the worksheet preferences dialog (can be accessed from the worksheet File menu).

    The default is 150DPI, you would want to increase it.



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  10. 13 hours ago, Kevin C said:

    Does anyone know how to stop the pop-up for "Vectorworks Libraries Update" which pops up every time I start VW.  I updated the libraries when it was installed and now every time I start VW - Getting a bit annoying. 

    It should go away after you hit update.

    Do you have many resource libraries  in your User an/or Workgroup folder ? When the dialog pop-up again, if you hit update, does the progress dialog shows anything being updated at all ?

  11. Markvl,

    Open the files in your user libraries in VW2017 and re-save them. This will regenerate all the large previews. Once you have updated all files in your user libraries, run the Refresh Libraries command in the Resource Manager to see the changes; or restart Vectorworks and update your libraries catalog if you get the libraries out-of -date alert.

  12. 7 hours ago, Mattheng said:

    ok, uninstalled and reinstalled.

    The Vision error has gone and everything seems pretty normal.

    Still achingly slow on the templates, just the ones that I have created but once they are loaded it seems to work ok.

    Ah I think I have just sussed why they are so slow...

    I have a lot of textures pre loaded in the templates which I probably do not need any more with the new Resource Browser..hmmm...new templates I think I need, as Yoda might say..



    High resolution previews have been added for all resources for VW2017. Your templates files have a lot of textures. They are slow because the high resolution previews for the textures are being regenerated for 2017. The Batch Conversion command converts your files but unfortunately it cannot regenerate resource previews. That's why even though you converted your files to the new format, the high-res previews still need to generated when the file is actually opened.  This is a one time operation that should only occur the first time you open the file in 2017. Of course, you would need to save the file to keep the previews. The reason you see the slowdown every time you open the template is because your templates are never re-saved. You should open your templates and re-save them. 


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  13. 1 hour ago, Mattheng said:


    Here it is.

    I have solved the Resource Browser problem, it actually turned out that it had made a translucent copy of all the pallets that had to be deleted...!

    I do get this message every time I log inScreen Shot 2016-09-14 at 17.49.06.png

    Not sure what it means


    It means that the catalog that drives the browsing experience in the resource manager is out of date and must be updated. Click 'Update' in this dialog. You wouldn't have to update again until the content libraries change.

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