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  1. I just recently switched over from using a PC to a Mac. I'm using VW 11.0. I'm having problems printing 24x36 PDF's. The Mac has a built-in PDF writer, and works fine for smaller pages (8.5x11, etc.), but comes up blank when I try using a custom size of 24x36. When I was using a PC I had been using the PDF995, a free software. I don't see any for Mac though. I work from home, so don't have a full size plotter, and send out full size PDF's to the printer. Thanks for any help!
  2. Is there a tool to extend multiple lines to another line? Autocad has this tool, and it's so convenient. For example, if there are multiple vertical lines going to a sloped line above, and the sloped line moves up, what's the easiest way to extend all those lines? If I choose all of the lines and extend it manually, the pattern of lines gets distorted. Any help is appreciated since I've wasted so much time already!!


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