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  1. Thanks, I denied also but it got me wondering whether my copy of VW is infected.
  2. Vectorworks 2020 just requested for authorization to access keystrokes from other applications on my Mac. Why would it do that?
  3. Problem solved. I need the small grid because I'm working on small (smd) parts. I was in top view instead of wireframe, and as soon as I switched the grids became smaller.
  4. I'm using Vectorworks 2015 and when I set the snap grid spacing to 0.025" and the reference grid spacing to 0.1" or smaller the grid displays on screen at 0.2" no matter how much I zoom in. How do I get a smaller reference grid spacing to display?
  5. If you mean compatibility between video card and computer, that should not be an issue since the iMac doesn't have a video card, but rather video on the motherboard. If you mean compatibility between the video card and OpenGL, of course Apple says yes, but they take no responsibility for Vectorworks' use of their OpenGL SDK.
  6. I'm finding that OpenGL frequently fails to render textures properly. Instead of the specified texture I get a repetitive image of my screen complete with menu bars and tools. Since Renderworks renders properly, I'm assuming it's an OpenGL bug (on my iMac G3 with OS 10.4.5 and 640 MB RAM). Has anybody else seen this? Where might I go for OpenGL support? Joe
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