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  1. I downloaded it on the 16th ... should I download the 'new' version?
  2. Our office has just updated to 12.5.1. We can no longer reference a file that is currently open by another user - a function that we were able to do before the 12.5.1 update. Is this an 'improvement' or another 'issue?' For large projects, it is an important function to be able to reference in a file that is currently open by another user.
  3. Katie, I have done some of the things you mentioned, and also use the short cut keys to toggle on/off the individual palettes (command-r, command-i, etc). This does get tedious, though. It would be great to have a script that would close or minimize all the palettes and then have them reappear in the same place they were before they were minimized or closed. This would give you the best of both worlds - easy access to tools and information as well as a large screen for drawing. thanks for your help, Jack
  4. I am using a custom workspace that was created from the "Architect" workspace. The palettes that I use are: Basic Tools Tool Sets Navigation Info Attributes
  5. I am using VW12 Architect and with all of the new palettes, I am running out of room on my screen for drawing. Does anyone know of a way to easily toggle all of the palettes on/off? I used to use Microstation & had a plugin that would automatically minimize the palettes & then expand them when you moved your mouse over the minimized palette. I am running OS.X 10.4.5.
  6. Does anyone know if it is possible to automatically run a script when starting VW12 and/or when creating a new document? And if so ... how? thanks, Jack
  7. MullinRJ ... that worked! I was going to Page Setup -> Printer Setup... button -> Settings -> Page Attributes. The scale was reading 100% in this dialogue box. When I checked, the under the 'VectorWorks' dropdown, it was reading 50%. Why are there two places to change the output scale? I cannot see an obvious reason for this. thanks Jack
  8. I am not using Viewports and the layer scale is correct.
  9. I have been creating a standard template for use in our office. Somewhere in my editing this file, the print scale changed such that 1/4" scale prints as 1/8" scale, 1/8" scale prints as 1/16" scale, and so forth. Under the print dialogue box, the scaling is set to 100%, so this does not seem to be the problem. If I create a new file not using the template, I do not have this problem. Does anyone know how I might fix this without having to start over? VW12 Architect OSX 10.4.5
  10. I didn't know that this was an English grammar board as well ... though that was an intentional double negative. When I click on the 'edit' button, I see options to set the thickness, color, etc, but I do not see any options to use class style. I am using VW12 Architect - if that makes any difference.
  11. Is it possilbe to assign a class color and thickness to a wall that is not "unstyled."
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