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  1. I have been using VW 12.5.0 (downlaoded 150Mb update following CD install!) for a couple of weeks. PDF export works fine, (single sheet/dwg) although I attended the demo on the Hispanola (London) last week and was under the impression that one could export all saved sheets in one hit can't find this function anywhere is this because wer're fundamental users, or just not looking in the right place? Help!!
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    Dear All, Why did I not try sweep first off works fine first time!!!Now for the rest of the stair....... Thanks Again. Sean D
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    Kaare, Thanks I think I follow, I'll try helix option. and let you know. regards Sean
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    to all 3d power guru's. How do I draw a spiral string for a staircase with rectangular section, the spiral comand works but orientation of the rectangle is all wrong, is this user definable?
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