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  1. Under AEC you'll find Dimension Exterior Walls
  2. Followed your advise bought PdfCompress and excellent result 10.5Mb went down to 2.4Mb checked the result on a pc no problem thank you
  3. You are maybe working in 3D top view instead top plan, you will see a line on the joint then, why auto join is not working i cannot say if everything is ticked
  4. http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Main=32082&Number=157803#Post157803 check this thread
  5. nah found some .ick files whatever they are thanks for the pointer though
  6. i think the answer would be to create a template, having pre aranged vps with the right label etc
  7. thanks Christian, how do i find those invisible files? must say though the work i did after was architural more sound but still it sandboxed ical and numbers, weird
  8. Just worked 3 hrs on a one file, saved to back up folder every 15 min, timemachine every hour, vw froze after exporting to pdf, preview froze, Lion refused to force quit pulled the plug in desperation and found none of my work was saved to either backup folder or time machine, lovely I put this down squarely to Lion.
  9. i have a 20" screen ( non glossy) next to my imac 21.5" but still use the imac as primary screen i soon did not notice it anymore of course position is important
  10. they should be found in vectorworks libraries am not sure how much comes with architect
  11. upgraded computer so any speed gain stems from there probably i did a speed check same vp render imac 3.06 12 G ram 10.6.8 (6 min 58), imac 2.5 i5 4G ram 10.7 (2 min 37)
  12. moved over to 10.7 and no significant problems that i could assign to lion since they were file specific
  13. tick zoom line weight in prefs and give yourself a signature with your OS, computer specs and vw
  14. Dutch gable is used here (Oz) for dutch hip in VW talk but originally it would have been a comment like jerry built, dutch courage etc
  15. It is a mystery problem gone thanks for the replies
  16. vw2010 makes a dutch gable no problems but 2011 tells me my gable inset is invalid whatever value I put in, anybody else have a problem there?
  17. you'll have to do some solid modelling, the wall tool does not do leaning walls. a roof plane could work and you could insert skylites as windows but neither will connect with walls
  18. The top exist out of more than one slab 3 actually so you'll have dig a bit further so that the cut out is in all extrudes
  19. no change there, I use a floor as benchtop
  20. It if it something like this(screenshot) double your viewport bottom FQ rendering without any textures applied top one normal top plan view with hatches applied in the viewport
  21. They should show up maybe check Display planar objects, Project screen objects tick boxes
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