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  1. Bought the AR plug in, it is definitely a faster generator of 3D models then export VR object (which became useless) and the live section and layer/class selection gives it a nice extra.

    The youtube video shows everything nicely happening on your desk, but the iMac cam is not suitable, meaning I do not get the model on the table, does anyone have success? Also I my magic mouse is useless for zooming I tried old mighty but only slightly better.

    So anyone else splurged the $300?

  2. You're right did not check the Ha bit is only at the bottom of the OIP and I also get a strange extra tail to my hectare which I definitely not put in.

    Extra tail only happens if one continues the property line till the end, if one let the last segment happen then this tail does not appear

  3. If the wall is unstyled you can give it a coloured fill in the attribute palette which will show in 3D when rendered.

    Alternatively you can create a colour texture right click in your resource browser see screen shots and apply the texture to selected wall side

  4. Not clear to me why it is still available as an option when in reality it is useless. Tried in 2012 VW crashed after exporting 550mb of unfinished movie, this was openable with QT7 but not manipulatable.

    Exported the file to VW2010 to find parts of the roof missing and not to be found in that file.

    Reexported VW2012 to VW2011 and from there to VW2010 (roof stayed intact) exported VR 45mb

  5. tried that already set to150, this was no problem in 2011.

    OK set to 300 and I get a result. Components render by class does not work

    (render does not show) and cannot be overridden in VP, when component attribute is set to choose texture,

    texture will show but also cannot be overridden in VP. Does render by components work for anybody please tell me?

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