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  1. Also check "Visualization" palette very handy
  2. Or do I misunderstand the problem?
  3. Would this work for you? Bubble grids on layer planes
  4. I would use your first option
  5. make sliding door left or right and choose 4 doors
  6. set a side view and position your pad manually and check oip, i think you'll find it is the z height and make sure your boundary is not intersecting with the pad, you'll get there
  7. does this also happen when you right click them in the resource browser?
  8. put it on a design layer and use a viewport to scale on a sheet layer
  9. You can draw a marquee which will eliminate a white border
  10. I bug submitted this 10/07/2011 in VW 2011, you'll have to ungroup the roof and create your dutch hip in the round about way http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Main=32722&Number=161147#Post161147
  11. one can actually use the visualization palette, better than classes even
  12. not that I know off, I create a lighting design layer with 4 directional lights @ 45deg, 135deg, 225deg and 315deg each in their own class add that layer to your VP and switch on required class to give you a different 45deg shadow on each elevation
  13. set your crop outline (original crop object) to a line weight of 0
  14. put your annotations in the viewport not on the design layer
  15. You'll have to split the wall horizontally, make sure wall 2 is in the same location but z height exactly on top of wall1
  16. http://www.resuelvectorworks.wordpress.com What is this VW on iPad?
  17. Indeed switches sides when zooming in, in these instances in screenshot on the left edited when zoomed out, when zoomed in it asked if I wanted to disolve troublesome associations if answered in the affirmative this was the result, when associated dimension came in they moved the whole wall now it is a bit hit and miss
  18. You mean this? Set up design layer section VP go to top plan set up camera set up sheet VP
  19. does this problem persist if one logs in on a guest account?
  20. log in as guest user and check, maybe reinstall
  21. try it in a new file, i have had the same problem but could make the roof in a seperate file and copy and paste
  22. upgrading to sp2 might help, i have seen that same problem when i moved to lion but all is well now
  23. Bought the AR plug in, it is definitely a faster generator of 3D models then export VR object (which became useless) and the live section and layer/class selection gives it a nice extra. The youtube video shows everything nicely happening on your desk, but the iMac cam is not suitable, meaning I do not get the model on the table, does anyone have success? Also I my magic mouse is useless for zooming I tried old mighty but only slightly better. So anyone else splurged the $300?
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