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  1. It is the fill setting that gives the color to the lines but turning of the lines still makes the parking space invisible so no thicker lines, workaround could be "convert copy to lines wireframe" and give it the desired thickness
  2. Maybe try back/foreground render settings?
  3. It depends if they are on layer or screen plane it seems
  4. Indeed it actually walks down the slope, I tried it with other skylites and same thing
  5. after selecting detailer tool you can set default by clicking detailer too prefs button
  6. artistic render line & shadows, tried that?
  7. After creating your space and using your selection tool you should see 1 or 2 handles within your space to manipulate your label, if you click within the space (not the handles) you move the space. Please create a signature it might help in some cases
  8. top left corner worksheet, see screenshot anther little trick I recently discovered right click a worksheet on drawing, there will be recalculate and all worksheets in the file will be recalculated
  9. use the extract surfaces tool
  10. After double clicking your VP check tick box Display Viewport Cache
  11. don not know about vectorscript but you could put the menu comand show/hide guides under right click tobthe same effect non?
  12. is there actually a crop object to edit? Try this, when in VP crop mode make a new crop object as you want to edit, VW will not alow two crop objects
  13. Hi all anyone, VW does not respond to keyboard shortcuts most menu items are greyed out even quit, will have to force quit. have already restarted once it still autosaves
  14. Only use background render and setting in that case
  15. Sometimes when I grab a dimension to move it, it will jump to the other side of the wall and I have to move in opposite direction to get it where I want it. Anyone else sees this happening?
  16. Does anyone know how to insert a new sheet and have all numbers adjust automatically, as when I want to insert a new n? 4 the old n? 4 becomes 5 etc, as it is I get a warning "that name exists already in use by an existing layer" Any input much appreciated
  17. It was a suggestion that possibly fixes the problem, as you can see I have 2 different iMacs of which neither show this problem.
  18. a hard drive cannot do a full repair on itself a better result is achieved by using another mac or external startup drive or even an usb stick with OS. I suspect the mac behaviour is not related to VW
  19. do a disk repair preferably by firewiring your computer to an other mac in target mode
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