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  1. Now using a m1 macbook pr 16” with studio display VW23 only and an older i5 mac mini for mail and the rest a bit posh with three screens ( no body wanted to buy the mac mini)

    I used to have a lot of crahses if i asked for a quick 4 elevations render . Had to do one and then the other three weird.

  2. I am trying to learn something by editing files created in earlier versions but I continually crash, specially trying to copy and paste in new file

    often crashing while editing (poking around trying to understand) also opening files in 2019 all nodes are stacked one on top of the other but opening in 2018 they are stetched way out

    see screen shots both taken in top plan




  3. Since I upgraded from VW2015 to VW2018 & 2019 two weeks later I try to educate myself in Marionette

    after downloading some files and opening in VW2019, I found when trying to  edit an object all the nodes where stacked one on top of the other

    (bit of an headache to unravel )

    but opening this file in 2018 everything is nicely spread out and a bit easier to understand.

    Can someone maybe confirm this glitch this is file 6 of the marionette tute try in 2018 & 2019


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