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  1. FIGURED IT OUT!!! After an exhaustive amount of trial and error, I finally found the problem! It's very strange and unexpected... There is a font called "Universe" that was causing the plotting issue. Any drawing that contains this font will not plot from this computer. If I crop the print area to exclude the part of the drawing that uses that font, the rest of it will print fine! And of course, a drawing that doesn't contain the font will print fine. There's something strange about that font file. I tried loading it onto another, newer iMac G5, and afterwards, that computer would 'hang' on restart until the OS was reloaded (or, as I later found out how to do, until I rebooted in 'safe mode' and cleared the cache). I have heard stories that certain fonts wouldn't work with OS 9 when it first came out, and possibly with earlier versions of OS X. This may be a case of that. This still doesn't explain why other iMac G5s in my office have no problem printing that same font, but at least I have identified the problem.
  2. At first I was using OS X 10.4.4, then did a total 'clean install' of 10.4.2, wiping out everything on the hard drive. After reinstalling Vectorworks and no other software, I experienced the exact same problem.
  3. To clarify...when I send the job to print, the print box appears in VW and it looks like it's printing. But the job never spools. I know the IP address is correct because all my other software prints to this plotter with ease.
  4. Thanks Peter, but I know that's not the issue, because all my other software is able to print to this plotter flawlessly.
  5. OK, I got the script to run, and did get a message that said "Script Complete." However, this did not affect my printing problem in any way. As I understand it, this script is document-specific. The problem I am having is pandemic, not restricted to any one document.
  6. Thanks, I tried that but to no avail. The instructions in the Knowledge base say, "unstuff the file...and drop the script on the VectorWorks icon in the Dock. A VectorScript Message window will appear, stating "Script Complete." to indicate success. You can also run the script by selecting the Organize/Scripts/Run VectorScript... menu, and choosing the script file." When I dropped the script onto the Vectorworks icon in the Dock, Vectorworks opened a new file, "Untitled 1", and did not pop up a success message. Under my Organize pull-down menu there is no Scripts option, and I checked in the Workspace Editor--Scripts is not an option in my Vectorworks version, apparently. After trying all this, I attempted to print a couple documents again, with no success.
  7. Hello everyone, I would love some advice on this issue. I am running Vectorworks 11.5.1 on a brand-new iMac G5, plotting to an HP Designjet 500ps 42" roll-feed plotter. I also have two HP laser printers in the office. All three printers are connected via the Ethernet. VW will print to both the HP laser printers with no problem, but will not print to the plotter! It also will not create a PDF or a print preview when the 'page setup' is set to 'format for: Plotter'. All the other software applications on my computer will print to the plotter with no problem at all! This includes Safari, Firefox, Word, Excel, etc...they will print and create PDF's when set for the plotter. Also, I should mention that other people in my office, with computers identical to mine, are able to use this plotter with no problem whatsoever. So far, I have tried the following solutions, with no success: -Restart the computer -Uninstall/reinstall Vectorworks -Search through all Vectorworks prefs -Clear all printers and plotters and reinstall -Update plotter driver to new one from HP website -Roll back plotter driver to previous version -"Repair permissions" in Mac OS X Any suggestions?


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