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  1. Thanks for responding, Juan. I certainly appreciate your guidance. Just to clarify......does this mean that I will have to create all new instrument libraries, titleblocks (et al) & other drafting shortcuts that I normally use? Throughout my free-lance career, I've been under the impression that a "paying gig" is 'professional'. Just because I have been hired as a Guest Artist on a college campus shouldn't lessen the legitimacy of the craft, should it? Food for thought, eh?
  2. I have been working with a pro license for over 10yrs (currently 2019 cloud version.) I need to produce a rep light plot for a college summer theatre program that can be accessed & updated by a grad assistant using a student license. What is the best way to go about this in order to not screw up my own pro software? I don't really mind having the 'educational watermark' all over my drawings for this particular gig ....I'm kinda over that! Thanks in advance!
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