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  1. How do you go back to a white background? or can you not anymore?
  2. I was hoping with the the new sheet number option it would fix this bug. There has to be a way to get your sheets to display in numerical order once you go above 11. Anyone have any advice? Thanks.
  3. I find myself adding classes and layers while I work and saved views are great, but does anyone know if there is an easy way to update a saved view besides saving over an old view?
  4. Has anyone found a way to alter the names of the pdf files that are created from batch prints to pdf's? It would be great if there was a way to get it to name the file the same as the name of the sheet layer. Thanks.
  5. Katie, Is there a way to have it name the .pdf files the same as the sheet layer name? If not, can this be added to the feature wish list. Thanks. Aaron
  6. We have had no problems printing from a mac and pc network to a hp500. We did however get the installed jet direct card for it. Hope that helps.
  7. Our office is running G4 & G5's with tiger and VW12. We recently purchased a HP Designjet 500 42" wide with a jetdirect card and haven't had any issues printing to it. The only issue that has come up is that the driver doesn't support rotating the paper when you are printing 24x36 so you waste paper and have to trim off the excess. You can get around it by setting up the page size as 36x24 and then rotating it... Hope that helps... Aaron
  8. Nick, You can reorder Design Layers in the navigator window. If you go over to where the number layer that it is and click and drag it to a new spot in the list it will change the order... Hope that helps. Aaron
  9. Katie, Thanks for the suggestion, it seems to work... I made a page that was 36x24 and then rotated it 90 degrees and the plotter printed it out without wasting paper... Thanks. Aaron
  10. So I would love to be able to view classes in the navigator pane in a nested format. Kind of like when you click on the class drop down view in the main screen. Any one else have any thoughts as to this? Thanks. Aaron
  11. Hello All, I am running V12 on a Mac printing to a HP500 over a network. We have our plotter loaded with 36" wide paper. The problem we are running into is that when we print 24x36 sheets in landscape we can't find a way to rotate the page to maximize paper usage. I know that on some of the other HP plotters they had an option to "autorotate", any ideas if the HP500 can do this, or any work arounds. Thanks. Aaron
  12. Jeffrey, Thank you for the info. We got an hp500 w/ internal jet direct card and its working great. Thanks. Aaron
  13. I to am looking for a plotter that is Mac compatible for printing mostly large format line drawings. I am looking at the HP500 and am wondering if I need the Postscript version or not. Can someone please explain why I would need a postscript plotter versus a non-postscript plotter? Thanks
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