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  1. I second this request. That capability would be hugely helpful.
  2. The above sound good. Do you guys use the dormer tool or construct your own dormers from roof faces and "fit walls to roof"? When I used the dormer tool to make dormers they were hard to modify.
  3. Thanks, I'll try your techniques. They've got to be an improvement on how I'm doing it now!
  4. Why are my un-updated viewport boundaries very large and tall, the width of the page but about 5x the height of the page? I can't seem to resize them.
  5. Thanks, I made the gable in "create roof" and the hip in "roof faces". I guess I can fake it, but I thought maybe there was a "join command" that would connect the two types. Alternately, I redrew it all with one "create roof" command, and I"m now trying to move roof handle points to configure both the gable and hip shape out, but it's not easy.
  6. How do you join a hip roof face to a gable roof? I can't figure out how to get the hip to form a valley as it goes up the gable.
  7. Thank you!! I went into my wall preferences and got that straightened out. Now the viewport is displaying correctly.
  8. Thanks for the tip. The 3D preference was on medium; now I've got it set at low and it seems a little faster, but it may be my imagination.
  9. I've created a viewport of an elevation. In the Create Viewport window, I set it to render in hidden line. It displays in what looks like wireframe, but the object info palette shows it set to hidden line. I've tried updating the viewport, and I've tried resetting it in the Create Viewport window to hidden line, and I've tried resetting it in the object info palette. Could it be some other setting that's causing it to look like wireframe?
  10. I do have the tutorial CDs, and they are helpful, burt they don't answer all of my many questions.
  11. Hi, Jonathan, Can you tell me a little bit about how your online service works? Thanks, Ruth Ellen
  12. Hi, After years of hand drafting, I've recently begun drawing construction documents primarily in VW, but I'm struggling to draft efficiently and to produce elevations and sections. I'm wondering if anyone in my area would be willing to consult with me about VW. I live in Charlottesville, Virginia. If someone would be willing who doesn't live near me, I'd be willing to consider phone consultations. Thanks.
  13. Hi, I have a viewport set at hidden line in the object info palette and in the viewport organization menu, but it displays in hidden line even after I reset it. Any ideas?
  14. Thanks, I just purged the file and searched VW Help for a way to find artifacts and duplicates. Is there a trick for identifying them?
  15. Hi, When I switch from wireframe to hidden line render mode, the program takes such a long time to re-render the view that I'm becoming reluctant to work in that view at all. Is there any way to speed this up, or are my files possibly clogged with unnecessary data of some kind?
  16. Thanks, Robert. I saw that in the help menu, but didn't understand what those control points did. I found that if you have the exterior wall component set to 1 in the wall detail tab of the window or door settings menu, it gives you handles on the trim at the window or door jamb that let you move the wythe over to make a masonry opening. If you set it to 2, the cavity itself is recognized, and it shows the brick turning back at the jambs. You have to zoom in close to the window or door to do it well.
  17. I am struggling with the same thing, with inconsistent results. What I know is gleaned from a VW Help search for "insert door". In the window or door "settings" menu from either window or door "preferences" before inserting or from the "object info" palette after inserting, there is a tab called "wall detail" that lets you choose the number of exterior or interior wall components. If I set the exterior number to "1" sometimes I can get a window's exterior trim to show as brickmould, i.e., to be set into the brick veneer, but usually I can't, so I have to use polyline in the "solid fill" setting to get it to display that way in top/plan view. I'd rather not have to use that "workaround" if anybody has any hints.
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