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  1. I know, however it would be extremely handy (especially for training purposes) if the option to access the color palette was also still available in the menu as it was in Vectorworks 12.5. I'm in a busy office and I don't have the time to explain to someone half way around the world what the 'chip' is. I know what it is, you know what it is, but cad monkey no 720 in Budapest or Lagoon West doesn't necessarily know what it is (there is no accounting for the ineptness of people), but if the color palette manager is also accessible via a menu dialog it's a hell of a lot easier for me to get people familiar with it.
  2. It would be nice if under Document preferences you restored the edit Colour palettes option (as in 12.5) which seems to have been removed in VW 2009. I'm finding that there are a whole range of lovely colour features many people in my office aren't using simply because they aren't aware of them. Don't hide the new colour features under a bushell. I would also add it would really quite useful if when viewing the colours in list view, there was a way to directly edit the name (or lack of) without having to go into the colour palette manager every time as well. Likewise the ability to import/export custom colour palettes directly from the colour palette manager and as xml files would be great as well (rather than having to hunt them down in the folder jungle that is user preferences).
  3. In the case that a Sheet is made up of one viewport (IE the whole page) I'd like to be able to convert it to a saved view. Generally in my office I find people use sheets rather than views because they can store the printer settings in the file. However sheets are not ideal when it comes to editting the layers within them.
  4. You can turn off the 'clicks' under vectorworks preferences
  5. Those plug-ins are real timesavers (been using them for quite a while), however I agree they should be part of the VW package aready.
  6. Great suggestion. I'd like to add that often I'm receiving drawings where people haven't set up classes at all (sadly such people do exist...). It would be great if you could select an element with already defined qualities, and create a new class from it through a context menu (even if it was something off the properties menu).
  7. Hmm, sounds like this V12 tool doesn't do what I want either. I'm often working with several layers (whose structure I want to maintain) but I often want to highight parts of these by putting a tone underneath that conforms to the shape of elements and intersections. A drop fill tool that was sensitive to other layers would be my ideal.
  8. Incidently does the 2nd Mode of the 2D Polygon Tool in 12 work on seperate layers from the lines? Or does it only work on the layer the lines are on?
  9. I find that command gives way inconsistent results. it only works well when there is a clean edge and hardly ever recognises splines. When we finally get upgraded I'll try out the poloygon tool that Mike mentions. Thx for input anyhows.
  10. I appreciate the feedback, I already know how to create custom colours in VW and set up drawing templates (the colour blend I will look into). However what I want to be able to do is to be able to export those colour palettes to my graphic designers with ease, or import their recommended colours with ease that is why an .aco support option would be benefitial.
  11. Or have the ability to turn on all the pertinent layers in the sheet in one go so you can edit/adjust them.
  12. Any chance of being able to import/export the colour palette to adobe .aco swatch format? It would be a real time saver in terms of workflow to be able to unify the colours used in VW with other applications (it's very time consuming to have to manually alter the colours one by one). Also a larger/extendable colour palette would be extremely useful. The ability to create a stepped gradation range between selected tones/colours would also be very useful.
  13. Well once N sort out the intel mac problems we will...
  14. We are on 11.5...this is something new in 12 then?
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