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  1. Thanks for info. Will have a look at threads. The DesignJet 600 is doing a great job in OS9 but really need to upgrade to OSX due to having to add new workstations and this is where my concerns lie. Using Microspot RIPX, Microspot insist that the line weights will increase: ie. no hairlines. Is this a Vectorworks issue or the interface with the Microspot software. Will buying a new plotter give me hairline weights from OSX using latest Vectorworks? Thanks again - really struggling with a number of issues - could I dump Microspot software??
  2. Using G4 1.25MHz, Vectorworks 10.5, OS 9 and Designjet 600 with old Mac 4400 print server using Microspot Graphic Pack software as interface. Need to upgrade to OS X but been told that if I upgrade interface software to X-RIP from Microspot (removing 4400 print server)I will lose my "hairline" line weights. Spoke to techie @ Nemetschek - told me problem solved in Vectorworks 12!! Very confused cause Microspot said still a problem. Can I get around this if I upgrade to Designjet 500 or 800? And how will this interface with my Macs - HP site very vague??? PLEASE, please help - have come to a stop on back of this.
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