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  1. I have an issue upgrading 10.0.0 to 10.1 or further We are still using Mac OS 9.2.2 My existing MacHasp dongle works with vw10.0.0 I am getting a "no dongle" message when trying to open 10.1.2 after upgrade There is a vectorworks box here with a couple of HASP4 dongles. I am new to the office and don't know if these are old dongles or new dongles, unfortunately no one else in the office has any knowlege of the upgrade (or lack of) history. Using VW dongle ID CHECKER application I get "no dongle inserted" with my MacHasp, and the two HASP4 dongles return ID numbers that bear no relation to the license numbers we have. On further examination one of the 3 machines here has got the HASP4 dongle inserted and runs 10.0.0, when I run vw dongle ID checker the number tallys with one of the serial numbers we have. The license numbers we have are for VW10 upgrade and VW10 2nd user upgrades. Thanks for any help.
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