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  1. yea, if I go through file - open , the file seems to open up, but even then when I save, its still listed as a Text Edit document and not a VW document. Thanks for the suggestion. We checked, and the append file extensions box is checked on.
  2. Hi, I'm on a MAC G5 OS 10.4.10 Im on VW12.0.1, a co-worker is on VW12.5. Each time he saves a drawing for me, I cannot open the document it opens in TEXT EDIT!!? Its very frustrating. Surely there cannot be compatibility issues between different versions of VW12? I've tried updating, but nothings happened. We are at a loss!! Any help would be appreciated
  3. Hi, I just had a close call with a corrupt file. Managed to open the autosaved VW backup file and do a 'save as' , renamed file and it seems ok so far. Having read some of the issues brought up on this thread, Im a bit confused as to whether to continue using the autosave option (backup to separate folder). Is this where corruption issues arise? I hit autosave immediately on returning to my computer, having been away from my desk, is this where the problem came from? I am saving to a server also. I am on VW 12.0.1, MAC G5 OS 10.4.9 Thanks for any suggestions.
  4. hi highpass, katie Yes, it is a very frustrating problem... I also tried ticking and un-ticking the 'print patterns at on-scale resolution' option, but like you say highpass, this does not really work for all drawings. Plus the drawing quality is pretty bad, sort of hazy ! I've also just spent 15mins looking for the rasterize print option , but cant find it....Used to be able to find it in V11, but no luck in V12! Does anyone know? Another question, slightly un-related, is if there is any option in V12 to save as V11 (As in Autocad, saving files as a lower version)..in order to work with colleagues...Since V11 is no longer available. Is a question of the entire office being obliged to upgrade. How do I update to V12 0 1? I'm on OS 10 4 6 already
  5. Hi, I checked and I have Quartz turned on. I ran disk utility but still no change. I was noticing there, some of the colours; though they have the exact same class attributes, are on the same layer etc. appear differently on screen (one darker than the other), and print differently also! The problem seems to be coming from the layer opacity function, though this problem did not seem to arise in V11 with layer overlay? Has anyone else had this problem??
  6. well, its friday evening 6 pm...so ill give up on vectorworks 12 and go to the pub
  7. any one else experience this problem... its pretty frustrating, when you have set up class attributes in v11 and now they're defunct!
  8. MAC OS X and the printer is a Xerox Phaser 7750
  9. hi! well, the patterns/colours look slightly different on screen, but then print out completely different to what they did from V 11. So maybe its a print setting?
  10. I've recently started using Vectorworks 12 (the rest of the office are still on v11) so when i'm opening and converting the v11 files, in order to work on them, the class colours and patterns go all funny. Patterns seem to print much bigger and opaque layers dont seem to keep their colour as they did in v11 (as in grey shadows turn pink at 50% opacity for example) Does anyone know of any settings or preferences to regulate this, or is it a case of printer settings?
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