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  1. Hello Islandmon, Indeed, I agree with you. I think it can only be done with exporting the VectorWorks data to a text file. Because RealBasic can monitor a directory (or map) to see which documents are changed, this should be not a problem. I intend to let the VectorScript create a textfile into the directory which is monitored by RealBasic (the database front end program). When RealBasic imports and stores a textfile succesfully, it will delete the imported textfile from the harddisk. I only have to take care that every calculation has its own unique identification. In this way RealBasic will know when a textfile already is imported or is a new one. So the first thing when a new calculation is created in VectorWorks, a unique ID number is assigned to the calculation (placed in a worksheet). When the whole calculation is completely finished and exported as a textfile, the first line in this file is this unique ID. I think that using textfiles is the best way to go. It worked for my VectorWorks 9.5 application back in 2001-2002 and it will work now. Despite the fact, last time I used Vectorworks was before 2003, I still like this program very much. On this moment I am exploring the best way to carry out this new project for me. Once I accepted, I will get a legal VectorWorks license for Windows. Thank you very much for your advice. I appreciate it very much. I wish you a very nice day and much VectorWorks pleasure. Friendly greetings, Bad_Wolf
  2. Hi everyone, Can you give me some advice about the following situation. We intend to create a VW document which draws signpanels for inside and outside signpanels for buildings. Inside this VW document there will be worksheest which will store the data coming from the drawings inside this VW document. We will use VectorScripts (PIO) for create the basic signpanels. Then we modify those individual drawings so there represent the final signpanel for the client. When all signpanels are drawn and finished, we create an invoice with a VectorScript which puts every drawing with the accompanion calculation onto one page for each drawing. But when this invoice is finished, we like to store the data needed for an "after calculation" and so on, inside a database which is managed by a RealBasic runtime (RealBasic 2008.r1). In the past (before 2003), I used Text files for exchanging data with Microsoft Visual Basic 6. But now I like to find out if VW 12.1 is also capable of exchanging data directly by means of Network Sockets (TCP/IP protocol)? For example, the drawing is finished. The user clicks on the VectorScript "Exchange". Then this VectorScript collect all the data to the "listening" RealBasic database application which starts to store the data inside the database. This whole process should be fully automated without any user interference. My question to you is : 1. Is this possible with VectorScript? And if yes, how? I thank you very much for your time spend on my question and I wish you a very nice day. Friendly greetings, Bad_Wolf
  3. Hello Pat, Thank you very much for the links you provided. They are indeed very usefull. I add them both to my favourites. I appreciate your advice very much. Have a nice day and all the best. Friendly greetings, Bad_Wolf
  4. Hi Islandmon and Pat Stanford, Thank you very much for the link you gave me and your advice. I appreciated very much. I already visited the link and got all the files I was searching for. Maybe it sounds strange that I am asking for this kind of files, but I do not own VectorWorks on this moment. Because the company who asked me, knew I did this kind of work between 1997 and 2002 for another company, they asked me to work on a freelance basis for them. So they own VectorWorks and will buy a licence for me when I accept. Before I make my decision, I like to see how VectorWorks and VectorScript evolved and based on that, how I can make this task done. I thank you both very much for your help and I wish you all the best. Friendly greetings, Bad_Wolf
  5. Hi everyone, Back in 2001 I programmed with VectorScript in VectorWorks. Now I am contacted again by a company who use VectorWorks 12.5. I have to program in VectorScript a signpanel calculation program. Is there any VectorScript reference manual I can download in PDF, HTML format? Also a reference guide in book format is also a very good option. In the past, these VectorScript reference guides where contained within the program. It seems that Nemetschek does no longer include those VectorScript manuals with the program or am I wrong? I thank you very much for your time spend on my request. I wish you a very nice day and all the best. Friendly greetings, Bad_Wolf


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