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  1. How come on my new iMac all of the vectorworks icons are the new aquafied version, and on my DP 533 all of the VW icons are the old grainy classic version? I am running 9.5.1VW and 10.1.4 on both. I know that this is not the most dire of help questions, but iti is annoying none the less.
  2. Does anyone know why I am suddenly unable to select multiple objects holding the shift key down, and I also can no longer use the space bar shortcut to pan? OSX.1.2 on a DP G4 533 VWA 9.5 768 RAM
  3. I almost can't tell it is a beta! I just wish my HP500PS was supported already so I did not have to jump inot classic to print. VWA on OSX is very nice.
  4. Agreed 100%. Zooming with the mouse wheel is a must!! Also panning when scroll wheel is pushed is a great feature that would be an awesome addition to VW. These are about the only two features that I actually like about ACAD. Maybe in the upcoming OSX VW version????
  5. HP makes a "ripper" and post script drivers for mac. I have never used macplot and print all the time.
  6. Well after a month of reverting VA9 files back to VW8.5, I have come to the determination that VA was crashing only when I had the laserwriter page set-up color matching set to "black and white" versus "color/grayscale" which has actually worked all day long. Maybe it was just me. G4DP533 768RAM, 9.1 HP500PS VA9
  7. No matter what I do, it tells me "The cloud cannot be drawn in that shape." So far I definately prefer the old one. Any suggestions?
  8. Sounds overly simple, but I use copy and paste and it seems to work the best in most circumstances. Good luck, hope it helps.
  9. I use this set up on a DP 533 G4 768 RAM 9.1 and I am not sure how it works with macplot, but with the HP ripper it only takes a couple of seconds to zip through the desktop laserwriter and then shoots it to the HPspooler which takes a couple of minutes and when it is about 50% spooled, it actually starts plotting. Plotting an actual line drawing takes about another 3 minutes for a 24X36 while the computer intermittently "chokes" or freezes while plotting. Hope this helps - quality is very good, ink seems to last a long time - not blazing fast, but that is what the 800ps is apparrently good for (at twice the price!) We are pretty happy with ours.
  10. Here is my list of gripes: PrintToPdf comes up blank or missing lots of lines, Acrobat prints vertical text horizontally, printing to HP DesignJet via laserwriter / ripper crashes everytime with a type 11 error, must resort to VW 8 to print. So to answer the original question, YES.
  11. Is this the right email address? It came back as unknown. I think that the problem was the objects that I was trying to circuit were imported from ACAD and then I converted them to symbols. Instead, I replaced the ACAD symbols with VW outlets and so forth. I am having a problem with printing however and I am getting type 11 crash errors. I am having to save file as a VW 8 file before I print. Any advice?
  12. One of the main reasons for upgrading was the abiltiy to use the circuiting tool. When I use it, however, I am able to draw the circuits only to lose all control over VA9. I can't save, our even quit after using the circuiting tool. I have to force quit. What a dissapointment. I have been happy with the program overall until this bug. Anyone have any luck with this? DPG4 533 768 RAM OS 9.1 VA 9
  13. I run Architect 9 on a DP G4 533 OS 9.1 with absolutely no problems. Interestingly enough, I also run Architect 9 on a Powerbook G3 500 with OSX in classic with no problems. Being the one that repairs/maintains our Windows 2k machines, I will hold my tongue on the question of PC's not being that bad. To each his own though.....
  14. Anyone know how to curve text for a stamp logo? Align text to a circle?
  15. I was told that in June there will be a free upgrade to a native carbonized version by the customer service people on two different occasions.
  16. I was told that in June there will be a free upgrade to a native carbonized version by the customer service people on two different occasions.
  17. I use both a Powerbook g3 500 and a DP 533 G4 and plot to a 500PS. I f you have a Mac, for now you must use a printer with post script (PS) at least until OSX comes out with native printing support for post script printers. The 500ps is a good plotter, while it is not a speed demon it is plenty sufficient for out purposes (especially compared to the price of the next models up)
  18. If you have Adobe Illustrator 9.X, it can not only open and edit AC2k, but you can save it to 14 without having to have someone resave it for you!!
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