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  1. -Long ago, but the problem happens on both my notebook and desktop computers.

    -Same thing happens with a blank document and happens with the "simple" title block

    I have noticed a discussion in the Forum about the difficulty of installing 12.5. I too experienced this difficulty of the installation taking very long and apparently stalling at 87% complete. I was actually surprised to see 12.5 announce itself when I started V'works. Could the installation have been incomplete and the program still work?


  2. -It freezes when I accept the change and try to return to the "drawing"


    -The ASME title block

    -I'm just trying to enter info such as the revision letter.

    My feeling is that it has less to do with the title block info and more to do with switching the display. The kind of display driver/memory tie up that used to happen in old time Windows.

    I'll try a couple of the other title blocks and let you know.

  3. I get an error message when trying to uprade v12.0.0 -12.0.1 - It diects me to a file which contains the following "Install Failure in GetAndInstallUpdates:

    Exception Type: socket.error

    Exception Value: (10054, 'Connection reset by peer')"

    What is the solution?


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