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  1. I am using Window 10 creator update and VW2017 SP5 everytime I dram a shape like retangle, without click to show the handle but strangly go to object info properties and change the dimension of the object once I enter new dimension The VW prorgram hang and has to force to close to quit. it is very annoying and never happen before it does not happen in VW2017 SP2 that I install earlier Any other way to solve this problem
  2. I am stilling using Macbook pro i7 OS 10.6.8 Can it run 64 bit VW2016?
  3. Hi all I think I know why because I forgot to quit on my ex-computer it works with the new installation regards
  4. Do I need to apply for a migration before when I have a liscence with a dongle, it is transferable I think I am using a E lisence
  5. I have recently changed my computer How do I migrate my liscence to the New PC? I have re-install it once I upgrade it to Win 7 to test before I dump the old one. But new installation says all liscence is used on line!!
  6. I just upgrade to VW designer 2011 I am using it in Asia and typing Chinese and English note however, it seems no Chinese character in Unicode is supporting. pls advice how. ps my system is in Win XP Pro SP3 locale Taiwan and Hong Kong , Typing Traditional Chinese and Englsh Priman LEE
  7. Dear all I just upgrade to vectorworks spotlight 2009 How come I do not have the light symbol from the resource than before? my dealer only give me a standard Vectorworks DVD and he says my ID will determine what do I have in the installation. I suppose a full set of data of different brand's lighting is inside the package, like it was before?! Am I right? Pls help
  8. how do I import ai file to VW I try eps but vw only interpret it as a pixel image
  9. I have my VW dongle damage how do I get replace Do I need to have a different software Code Do I need to provide you the Software ID Key
  10. Thanks for your advice What else significant is change in VW12??
  11. I am using VW11.5 and exporting file to acad 2005. The whole drawing is there but All drwaing SHEET format and data has disappeared in the Acad file Anybody know why, do I miss any step while I am exporting. Actually, those sheet format was brought while I import from a ACAD 2006 file orginial pls help priman
  12. I think DXF do not support CAD in Block/Symbol, in DXF everything is turned back to lines. Try to export from WYSWYG as DWG at least DWG and see what happen.
  13. how do i crop the viewport in sheet layer
  14. Thank you Katie But why the image imported is not a line art that with editable behaviour, just like jpg Also, I am using AI 10, cannot see eps file exported from VW11.5. Is file in between them exchangeable??
  15. Why the imported eps file will turn into a gray box and not viewable. Anyone will know how to import/export eps file properly?? I am using PC VW11.5, it is a long term problem since I have 8.5 Thanks
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