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  1. thanks...I looked at that as well...away on vacation :-( I did find an indivdual who gives training...may work out.
  2. Pete and Peter...you were indeed correct, sills was the answer to that question, and I certainly agree with you on the value of architects. I work with them daily, through the good and the bad, but I do so on mega projects in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and in a position where I am responsible for their performance. In this case, I hired a friend who is an accomplished architect to vet several concepts and who added a few of her own. I didn't try to tackle this unaided. Further, as we have owned this house for more than a dozen years, we had a pretty good idea of how to improve things overall. Since I was planning on doing the structural design in either case, it made sense (to my pea brain) to pursue the drawings myself. Frankly, my house lends itself to a rather simple addition which completes the original design intent. In any event, I had no intent to suggest anything other than my frustration for running into (and not understanding) little roadblocks like the sill issue, and seeing no clear notations in the manuals or training CDs to expect that behavior. Programs aimed at one market can do that, become intuitive that is. I realize now that VW aims to be much more, and is consequently more complicated...I still think, with some assistance, that I can complete what I set out to do. You guys who dedicate time to these boards are invaluable in reaching that goal...and I thank you very much for your help. At this point I am looking into getting a few hours of 1 on 1 training to help me over this hump. Thanks again. john
  3. I wish I could take you up on that. In my case, I am simply looking for a guide to walk through a simple residential design. I downloaded the product tour mentioned above, and it is great, but my installation gave me an unexpected result when inserting a door in an ext stucco wall. The insertion worked, the wall was cut, the trim pieces show, but the door swing won't show. I am sure it is something simple...I inserted a garage door in a different wall, and the outline is correct...it's just an irritation that will take a while to figure out. I can only get to this when I'm home at night...or on weekends, when the kids aren't around, so my time is often limited... I know...not the way to tackle something like this!
  4. True enough, Peter...however, I am a Civil Engineer, and can draft well enough in AutoCad....but decided I wanted to try this type of CAD program after seeing a friend do a complete design using Chief Architect...with NO formal training, no engineering or architectural training, and do so essentially with the training demo's the program came with and their online forum. I would have gone w/ that program myself, but I had switched to Mac a year or so ago, and was bent on using s/w that would work on that platform. It is obviously a capable program, I am simply saying that it is NOT intuitive, even to someone with a good number of years using autocad...and who is pretty good with computers in general, be they Mac or PC. Couple all of that with the going rate for home remodel designers in my location, and the investment in this program or CA is cheap...by a long shot...and I am talking a factor of 10-20:1
  5. I'm not sure I wan to spend much more money here...I went down this road (purchasing VW 12) essentially for a one off assignment (my home) and have found the program to be much less intuitive than I had hoped. I grant you that I don't have any classroom instruction in this program, but I am continually surprised when things don't work the way you would expect (or don't work the way they did when running through a tutorial! Sorry for the rant...
  6. Thanks Peter. No...I did not...for some reason I thought you had the ability to apply basic textures...at least colors...w/ the VW architect design series. I want to be able to modify the appearance for simple openGL rendering in order to differnentiate materials...windows, stucco, trim, etc.
  7. Thanks Michael. I checked the 'render' tab, but there was no list available. It only gives me the option to modify the render settings...ie, rough, careful, etc. Did I fail to load something when setting up the file?
  8. I am very new to using VW 12...and am running through training files (Residential Product Tour for VW Architect 12), where the dialog box does not look the same. The training file is obviously a windows based version while I am using a Mac, but... Here's the question, I was simply editing a wall type but noticed that I don't have the ability to define the texture as is shown in the video...but the video indictaes that you can. Did I miss a basic setting? I have 'wall definitions', 'insertion options', 'data fields' but nothing on textures. If not here, is there somewhere else to go? Thanks in advance...continuing to move 1 forward and 3 back!
  9. Thanks, I managed to get one to work...after moving the 'window' over the image of the floor plan. But I think this has something to do w/ the way I started the file initially...I tried a different view, say front, or isometric...and it didn't appear in that viewport...I had to zoom to objects to find it. I obviously have alot to learn...when I did a front view, you could see that my stake points were well above my building (the stake points elev are 100' +/-, and the model ff is 0) Should I have used the survey data for the main floor elevation and input this in the model? or will it automatically incorporate that information from the survey points?
  10. I am trying to initiate my use of VW 12 by drawing the existing conditions at my home first...then move on to the addition part. One (among many challenges) problem I am facing is how to create a framed bay window which is a seat, not to the floor? The window has a 5'x5' center glass section, two casements at 20" x 5' and an offset of 30" from inside face of wall. The interior opening is 107" wide and 68.5" high. If I draw walls there, it will appear incorrectly on an elevation view...maybe that would be as close as I could get? Thanks in advance. John
  11. Hmm. I select the vp, go to the OIP, and update is grayed out. what am I missing?
  12. Thanks Peter, I'll try that out. The return under the window (below the seat) is on an angle that matches the copper roof above...I'll see what I can do before I come crawling back to the wise people here. Now, the other problem currently straining my brain is simply printing what I've got drawn! I tried creating a viewport, but when I try to print it, all I see is a red box with an 'x' from corner to corner. I have selected the saved view, set the layers I want to be visible, but it still doesn't work. Perhaps I should have prefaced this by saying that I started this file by workgroup referencing the survey file, and then drawing the house on top of that...for some reason, I'm not aligning my viewport w/ my drawing...
  13. Thanks. I'm basically experimenting right now before I get too far into the actual drawing work. I rotated the survey work, the workgroup reference then looked good, so I entered the stake points and created the DTM...that part worked well. In autocad there is a way to rotate the view and not the drawing, thus maintaining all relationships to the coordinate system. I'm sure you can do that here to, I just went the 'easy' way and rotated everything...so the drawing looks good, but you can't, for example, enter the property lines w/ bearings and distances and have them line up properly. back to the manual thanks Islandmon... [ 02-06-2006, 10:09 PM: Message edited by: John Thomas ]
  14. I'm new (1 week (ok nights only)...and maybe a bit slow...but what am I missing here? I've imported my autocad survey file, and while I couldn't get it to recognize the points to create the DTM, my lot is small enough that I thought I would just use the stake object to create the existing condition. I planned to simply snap to the loci in the survey... wow...I think I solved it! I used workgroup reference and selected 'show/snap others' voila...one problem solved...I think. BTW, can you rotate the referenced workgroup file? Or should I go back in and rotate the original file and then open up the file w/ that uses it? thanks...this is tough when you can only devote a few hours at a time john
  15. That is a good idea...I've done most of that as my design is actually nearing completion at this point. Most of the work will be in generating the sections and details once I've input the basic house model from my current 2d work. To that end, does anyone have advice regarding using a survey I have as a reference layer? I have it in a dwg file...and wanted to use it in a similar manner to what VW shows in the tutorial where they use a sketch and then draw over it. Is that possible? I thought I could then 're-input' the points pretty precisely (there are only 20-25 anyway) and create a DTM from that... thoughts? TIA john


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