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  1. not all VW cad users on towers. As a matter of fact we have mostly imacs and macbook pros. Although VW12 works just fine on my MBP - a little slow on the start up but for general drafting it's fine. I can't speak to it's capabilities in rendering speed which i'm sure isn't great running under Rosetta.
  2. Is there a way to make a class that is visible on screen but does not print? I could see this being used for construction lines or viewport windows. Turning the class to no-line is an option but I like to be able to see the linework or viewport crop window if possible. Like the defpoints layer for those from the AutoCAD world.... Thanks
  3. why can't it be designed that the classes can be controlled v7w/color instead of the layers? I can think of mulitple times where I would not necessarily want an object on a seperate layer but would still want it in color.....
  4. Those things are all well and good until you want to print a black and white line drawing with colored regions for a diagram or schematic type presentation. Ideally a class would have an on screen representation (ie color) and could be told to PRINT color or b/w individually. A number of other CAD programs do this and for offices that want to use CAD and color together VW is a pain in the rear. Converting everything to a black or white line except what you want in color and then printing but then being careful not to save it is a really half-a*sed attempt at making it work. It certianly doesn't aide speed or ease of use which is what should be first and foremost in software developers minds..... This has to be the biggest issue for me as a CAD manager with VW. I want the ability to control an object or class on screen properties (color) separate from the printed output.
  5. is there a way with VW12 Architect edition to batch print sheets from multiple files? ie a entire set of dwgs that reside in several different files?
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    Does NNA have an idea or timeframe they're looking to have a Universal Binary ready? I need to buy several new computers and am not interested in buying G5's as our hardware stays in service (gets passed down the food chain) for a number of years. I realize that VW12 can work under Rosetta and recognize there is some speed issues and that might be tolerable, but I'd like to know what the forecast is for delivery of a Universal version of VW12 to know if we can put up with the speed issues for the time between now and the release of the universal VW12. Thanks
  7. Ok, so I'm a long time Autocad user and there was a tool in autocad called Copy w/ Base Point. this made copying items from one drawing file to another file very easy. You selected the objects, selected copy w/base point from the menu and then clicked on your desired basepoint. (ie. a column line interesection, or where 2 walls come together) The base point was anywhere you wanted but when you clicked paste in DWG file #2 you could place all the pasted items at the location relative to where you selected the new basepoint to be. Does anything like this exist in Vectorworks? The paste in place doesn't really solve the problem if the information needs to be in a different relationship to the coordinate system. Basically this is like the Point to Point copy plugin that's available on the internet, but works between drawing files as well. If this doesn't exist it certainly would be very useful. Once you start using it you realize how fast it makes things. I'm using VW12 Thanks. hrm [ 01-16-2006, 01:43 PM: Message edited by: hrm ]
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