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  1. Everything works now. Even with VW10 on 10.4.4. It was a case of deleting the preferences file and reopening VW to generate a new one.
  2. Did this: STEP 1: http://www.aladdin.com/support/hasp.asp Choose: Hasp4 End User STEP 2: http://www.aladdin.com/support/hasp/hasp4/enduser.asp Then Choose the following update: NEW! Mac OS X driver installer for OS X.4 (Tiger) OS X HDD_Installer_MacOSX_Tiger_only.zip 730 KB 1.8 05/2005 Still doesn't work. I need very urgent help with this...
  3. Followed ALL the instructions on here. The light on the dongle is red, but VW 10.5.1 quits saying there is no dongle attached. Sys version: 10.4.4
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