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  1. Hi I can not speak of vectorworks experiences as yet. Just to add my 2cents worth. after exhausting trials temptation & head scratching & disapointment from the salsmen & women of major manufacturers 2 years ago. I purchased a HP500 24" C7769B roll feed NON Post Script. I Use a HP Post Script driver available on Hp's US site & colour sink is my icc colour profile Saviour for all Devices. It's Networked via a HP620n net cable(i have heard Wireless is available)& i was still $2500.00Au in front It produces excellent fullcolour semigloss Renderings which the HP agent & firms i send them to can not believe. Admitedly it took time to set it up correctly but don't discount Mac Osx or Hp's capabilities. You will need to set up page orientation as a custom size paper to get long edge first again a 5min job.if i had been aware vectorworks was a 3D cad choice at the time i could have bought vectorworks with the saving. [ 02-08-2006, 06:40 AM: Message edited by: Q4U ]
  2. I will be mike I won't be handing out anymore dosh on Archicad Even if i have to wait a short while to get VWA 12 & renderworks. But i have made a decision & it aint Archicad 10 > Graphisoft Australia can take the credit for that "The Arrogant Prick's" Thanks to all for the input you have given its been very helpfull. My research is at an end. After trialing it i actually like it a lot & Vectorworks is the way i will go.
  3. Just This purchasing a V12 US version that is available. But not anymore
  4. Thanks Mightyquinn Similar to how i feel about it. I am looking at purchasing a V12 us version that is available to me but am awaiting a responce on the libraries being sutable or possibly updating it to an Aust version.
  5. Hay Chris I asked for a List so as to have experienced input into making a decision not to create an argument. Sorry if i offended you
  6. Chris Manus VectorWorks Power User Member # 146 Wrote quote: There is No Standard Dude,The closest you'll get to a Gold std is greater variance and use of data ...the best alround program is yet to be developed..but for now this is it.-HTH 1. Standard or gold etc were not my Quotes i was quoting a previous post 2 You have obviously been a user of vectorworks for some time (indicated by your user #)but all you have done is Criticise others opinions with no explanation as to why or how & with what authority or rational you concluded these statements. To be able to make a decision on which tools to Purchase for use in your trade one would need more than this. How about providing a list of the (FOR & AGAINST) (Does & Does Not) (Can & Can't) (Is & Is Not) Based on your Personal Experience & Usage of both Programs which you obviously use regularly & know a lot about.
  7. quote: "ArchiCAD is the gold standard." I dont know anything about gold standards either quote: You're got to be kidding right? ...Go tell the engineers, Builders and other consultants that...they'll roll over laughing That is what Graphisoft said about Vectorworks after they finished reviewing V12 inprovements. Taproot Thanks i got a pm about walls & monitors about the same time you posted. Thanks i will retire with the input & Demo to learn & decipfer.
  8. quote: If you're in Australia, you should be buying from Ozcad, our distributor down there (based in Sydney). Julian Carr (Mr. Ozcad) provides fantastic support.I Have been in touch with Julian & he said he will have the tutorial cd's next week & there are two CDs in the VW 12 set and two CDs in the VW Architect set. I would like to know which would be better to get considering VWA comes with a training cd with purchase. Hopefully the support is Fantastic (if i get a reply It will be better than what we get from Graphisoft Aust) In fact this forum is Great so far no one has said RTFM. which from what i see so far is great on explaining what a item does but not the processes involved to do it but it might get better yet. On the Archicad subject are there equivilents to this in VWA ? To draw a wall of known length the procedure is click starting point & drag in desired direction shift+r numerical length enter. With Dual monitors Draw floor plan view in monitor/window1 & see the 3d view in monitor/window2 Thanks
  9. quote: why not buy VWA (and training materials) under the 90 day money-back guarantee? (Is that normal practice) If the 90 day Guarantee or Subscription is available in Australia i may take up the offer when i come to a decision, There are a few logistics to be worked out yet & (Like Archicad) there is no SA Support or User Group. In the meantime i may get the training materials any how.
  10. Many thanks for the replies & PM's I will continue to seek a decision by building a model in VWA Demo to see how we go thanks for the input
  11. Helo I am aware that VectorWorksArchitect V12 is a new release & i have browsed this forum & read related info on this subject. What are the Advantages to VectorWorksArchitect New Licence @ $4000Au inc Renderer. V Archicad V9 other than the $3000Au in 3 years on upgrades V7 to V8 to 8.1(maintenance) to V9 & Now V10 is Due Probably another $1500 to get fixes/enhancements for V9 just 12 mths on. My main needs are Plans Sect Elv Detailing documentation & 3D Visulization of models as a selling & design tool. I have never used VectorWorks or Autocad & i would expect a transition would take some time to be productive. I would love to hear from an archicad user now on Vector Works or a VectorWorks user considering going to Archicad Mac User
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